Defender exclamation mark

  keewaa 22:27 10 Mar 2006

I've turned MS defender scanning off as once a month will do for me. But after 3 days Defender has started to show an exclamation mark in the taskbar telling me I haven't scanned for 3 days.

Since I set it to this, I already know this and would like to turn the alert off so I can spot any legitimate alerts.

But I can't turn it off - the dumb thing wants to permanently alert me of something I know cause I set it that way.

Any easy way of turning it off ?

  SG Atlantis® 23:00 10 Mar 2006

I uninstalled it.

  rdave13 23:10 10 Mar 2006

My defender shows the same exclamation mark in taskbar but for not being updated even though it is. Poor program even though a beta. Ms antispy beta a better performer methinks!

  gudgulf 23:16 10 Mar 2006

Microsoft have chosen to go for a set and forget type of installation with Defender.

Unfortunately that only works if you are prepared to accept Microsoft's idea of scheduling and updating.
Whilst I do like the idea of something as good as defender..and it is good at its job...running unobtrusively in the background I would definitely like to be able to set my own preferences without a reminder.

This program really needs an Advanced Mode option for experienced users.

I suspect though that many "average" computer users who don't routinely update or scan their pcs will be prompted to do a scan.That can't be a bad thing........I guess we cant really blame Microsoft for aiming this product at the less savvy pc user,can we?

  rdave13 23:21 10 Mar 2006

Fair comment, but it isn't working properly for me. Try running a full scan with defender and then run a scan with ..say ewido or ad-aware.

  gudgulf 23:41 10 Mar 2006

The only things found by Adaware on my system are the odd cookie or other trivial finding....Defender does not scan for cookies.

I did run an Ewido scan recently.....totally clean there too.Ditto Spybot S&D.

And I have to admit my web browsing is,shall we say eclectic!!!!

I have learnt from past mistakes and know how to keep my pc clean.

I have to say that I'm not the greatest fan of tends to flag too many things in the "Not a Virus" category or tag things that I know are ok.It has slightly trigger happy heuristics....but I suppose that's better than being over cautious.It IS very thorough though.

The two applcations that I personally would rate as the best are NOD32 antivirus and SunBelt Counterspy....but neither are free.

Defender plus any of the free av applications(Avast being my preference},regular use of CrapCleaner and a free firewall for the average user are not far behind in the real world though.And all at no cost.

  rdave13 23:51 10 Mar 2006

I ran a full scan of defender last week and there was nothing to report.

Following that scan I ran Lavasoft's ad aware and that triggered Avast to quarrantine no less than five trojans and one possible worm. The rest were only spyware. Still not much faith in defender but will bear with it for a while yet.

  gudgulf 00:21 11 Mar 2006

There is something odd there......running Adaware shouldn't trigger Avast into doing anything.

Avast should have picked up the malware by itself.Perhaps you need to run the On Demand scanner more often.

Also bear in mind that Avast is better designed to pick up worms/trojans than Defender.....I can only think that when Adaware opened the files to scan them it triggered Avast's "On Access" scanner to read them too.

At least your defences are working!!!!

  rdave13 00:35 11 Mar 2006

Yes I agree with you. Strangely I've noticed this that Avast and adaware seem to run well together. Not the first time it's happened though. Could there be another type of "bug" appearing here that is inbetween spyware and trojan?

  gudgulf 00:43 11 Mar 2006

I doubt if it's a different type of "bug"....more that a multi-layer defence system works better than single layer.

It's a question of finding the combination of programs that keep you clean.......when you find the things that work for you that's good.

If they are free that's even better!!!!

  CHAIRLEG 01:30 11 Mar 2006

Defender has never found anything when I scan so when it appears in the taskbar I just do a quick scan about 3 mins I wonder if spyware blaster and spybot keep the bad stuff off in the first place.

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