Defective FDD? No light. Boots when FD in place.

  Catastrophe 12:10 19 Nov 2006

All the time I get:
Please insert a disk in Drive A.
I have changed the cable twice. Cables are correct way round. Power is correct way up.
Just noticed A: light does not come on at all.
However the FDD is new.

XP. Any ideas please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:30 19 Nov 2006

1. FDD controller not enabled in BIOS
2. Faulty power cable
3. Faulty ribbon cable

  Catastrophe 13:30 19 Nov 2006

I believe that I have answered my own question.

I have swopped with a known good FDD and it is working fine. The only difference is the former FDD, ergo it must be faulty.

I will mark as resolved.

  Catastrophe 13:36 19 Nov 2006

Thank you Fruit Bat /\o/\.

Must have crossed with my posting. The alternative FDD was the only change so all else must be OK.

To double check I will try the 'faulty' FDD in the other PC.

  Diemmess 13:44 19 Nov 2006

I have twice (over the years on different computers) had what I thought was a FDD failure.
Twice I have replaced the gizmo assuming it was faulty only to find the error still there.

Ashamed to say I forget what resolved it! Perhaps fiddling in the BIOS.

Have you tried the ultimate proof of a defective bit of hardware, i.e. replace with the original and see if it still won't behave? (:-)

  Catastrophe 13:50 19 Nov 2006


I am just about to try the 'faulty' FDD in the PC whence came the one that worked. I will post the result.

Do you mean after that to put the 'faulty' FDD back in its original PC?

I did google and found some involvement with optical drives and /or software which may be involved.

  Catastrophe 14:07 19 Nov 2006

Interesting. 'Faulty' FDD in first computer at one point gave the appearance of a dead PC. Now other computer appears dead. I am confident it will come alive again when I remove the'faulty' FDD. Anyone else seen the like?

  Catastrophe 14:09 19 Nov 2006

Sure enough just took out power to 'faulty' FDD and it is reborn!

  Catastrophe 14:10 19 Nov 2006

Reconnected power again and all is fine.

  Catastrophe 14:16 19 Nov 2006

By all is fine, I meant that the PC booted with the 'faulty' FDD attached.

Now guess what! The 'faulty' FDD works perfectly in the PC and the former occupent of this PC is working fine in the other PC.

Nowt so strange as PCs sometimes!

Thank you for your interest and encouragement to get to the bottom (or part way down) of this.


  Diemmess 14:20 19 Nov 2006

I had a reply all ready and pressed the wrong button.

No doubt remains in my mind, the old FDD has to go in the bin.
Whatever the reason the effect on the power supply is that of a dead short somewhere.
It is dragging the supply line down and could wreck the PSU very easily

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