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  cheeki 17:32 08 Sep 2007

how can i change wmp11 from being my default player. cheer's!

  holme 18:55 08 Sep 2007

More detail required please.

What application do you want your default player to be changed to?

What sort(s) of files will you wish to play?

  rdave13 19:05 08 Sep 2007

Try start-Set Program Access and Defaults, click the down arrows on Custom and scroll down to "Choose a default media player". Click ok.

  holme 19:25 08 Sep 2007

Er, what you say is quite true, but I think that applies only to Windows players doesn't it?

Perhaps cheeki wants to use a third-party player e.g. RealPlayer for some file-type(s), and maybe something else for other file-type(s). That'll have to be done differently. It's easy to do but I wouldn't want to answer the query without more info, otherwise we could perhaps confuse the issue.

  rdave13 19:39 08 Sep 2007

My apologies. I thought cheeki only wanted to change WMP11 from being the default player.
There you go then.

  holme 19:45 08 Sep 2007

We dunno until he gives more info! :-)

  cheeki 19:46 08 Sep 2007

holme thanks for making that point for me.i would like to have I TUNES as my default player.thanks everyone.

  holme 20:31 08 Sep 2007

Good oh! In that case, I suggest you find a file you want to play (any typical one will do), and right-click over the file icon.

From the menu that will pop up, select 'Open With' (4th one down) and, from the sub-menu, then select 'Choose Program'.

This opens a menu of all the player progs you've installed, including (hopefully!) I Tunes.

Click on that to select it, then (most important) tick the 'Always use the selected program to open [i.e. play] this kind of file' box.

Finally, click on OK and, from now on, all files with the same or similar filetypes should automatically play in I TUNES. If some other filetype(s) don't do that automatically, simply repeat the process using any one of them as an example. HTH.

  cheeki 10:09 09 Sep 2007

thanks everyone thats sorted now.

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