A 'deeper' Acronis TI10 question

  Chris the Ancient 11:38 08 Oct 2010

Running TI10 Home in XP SP3.

I have been having one or two minor glitches with TI lately in that rather than incremental backups, it does a full backup. Hmmm... very disc space unfriendly. If the worst comes to the worst and I can't fix it, I'll have to do a full uninstall as described in their forum and reload.

But, the question in mind in case I don't need a full reload...

When setting locations for backups, I have quite a lot of previously used file names which clutter things up a bit. I have found the 'history' in the registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AcronisTrueImageHome\File history. I have looked in the Acronis forum to see if the 'unwanted' history can be removed without detriment - but can't find anything.

Has anyone here removed unwanted file names?

  Nontek 11:54 08 Oct 2010

I too use TI10 Home with XP (SP3) ...

I never do anything but Full Backups, I keep the latest plus one earlier backup, deleting earlier ones.

I don't believe in Incrementals or Supplementals as in either case, if any one backup becomes corrupt, the rest become redundant!

You should be able to go into your backup location, which I would assume is an external hard drive, and simply delete all the older backups, especially if you have one or more full backups.

  Chris the Ancient 12:07 08 Oct 2010

To a large extent, I agree with your philosophy on full backups; and that used to be my modus operandi and I did it regularly every week. System backed up onto a separate (internal and removable HDD) and the same for data and emails.

But (that flipping word!), being a bit in the senior league, these things can get forgotten! So, I went to full back ups refreshed approximately monthly with daily incrementals.

And was I ever glad one morning. Being a compulsive 'twiddler', I once accidentally did something *very* stupid (well into a weekly cycle) and completely mucked up my boot sector! Was I ever so glad that I could use TI to get back to where I was the previous evening! I've also been glad, in the past, of a really up-to-date data back up. Yes, my fault for twiddling, I know!

  Chris the Ancient 11:33 09 Oct 2010

Too many problems occurring! But it has been installed over two years.

Unfortunately, TI doesn't have an easy or proper uninstall system (shame on you, Acronis); but they do give instructions on how to do it the 'long-winded and hard way' on their website forum.

Guess what I'll be spending a large chunk of today doing! Then I'll see how a clean reinstall goes.

Last time I did it, I decided to just format C: and do a complete reload of my system... which was a pain in the rear way of wasting a long weekend. It made me appreciate how useful TI can be (when it works).

  woodchip 12:24 09 Oct 2010

Did you not keep a good Image of your drive when it was working okay????? That's the whole point of it for me

  Chris the Ancient 12:57 09 Oct 2010

Yes, but there had been other changes that made it so out of date!

Further Update on progress (or lack of!).

The instructions given on uninstalling were not overly successful! It did not uninstall everything - and some of the folders to be deleted were locked! (Unlocker used - seemingly without much success.)

Reloaded TI and it *still* remembers a lot of my settings. Not tried incremental backups yet, though - I haven't got that far.

Guess it looks as though my favourite (?) hobby of a complete system rebuild will occur in that season I can't mention yet in a couple of months time. I tend to do it annually anyway so I can clear out all the dross of things [email protected] download and tried during the year.

  Chris the Ancient 13:32 09 Oct 2010

My initial thoughts changing the file names in the registry did work.

  Chris the Ancient 11:29 10 Oct 2010

A lot of 'experimenting' has taken place over the past 24 hours - but with little (or no) resolution.

I have not found it possible to *completely* remove *everything* in TI. I have tried deleting it the way that Acronis suggest. It doesn't delete it all. In fact, following their instructions on their website isn't really a working method! Many of the things that they tell you to delete are locked. I did use Unlocker (and told AdAware to accept the registry changes on reboot) and then ran Ccleaner to clean a huge amount of bad registry items. On reloading there were too many things that TI remembered (including its registration code.

Ran a backup and validation (onto my second hdd) - seemingly OK - and then ran a couple of incremental backups to check things were working? The first incremental was bigger than the original backup! The second one looked OK though. Except... looking at the schedule information in edit mode, my email incremental backup was trying to save "Application Data". Hmmm. And then found that Acronis had 'stolen' part of my main hdd to create a backup onto. As my main hdd was split into two drives - System and Data, it 'stole' half of my data drive with a partition (which I can't restore back to the data drive - even with Paragon Partition Manager.

Take 2... Try running it through Revo Uninstaller and *then* doing the things that Acronis suggested (as above) to the bits that were left. Still things needed unlocking etc. I did do a little more probing into the registry, but I couldn't really see much else that might be safe to remove. And, according to the edit function, my email incremental looks as though it is still trying to make an "Application Data" incremental back up (which was another previously unmentioned potential glitch).

So, it looks like Plan B.
* Regular, full back ups
* As mooted, await the next (unmentionable under forum rules) seasonal holiday and indulge in my favourite (?) pastime of doing a full system rebuild. Oh what fun.

BUT... despite all these problems, I still like TI (working properly); it has saved what little hair I have a couple of times - which makes it worth it.

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