Decision made-buying laptop with Vista! Help..

  hawthorn59 00:18 02 Jan 2008


Having looked for advice on whether to go for XP or Vista Ive decided on Vista. Therefore Id be grateful for your expertise, experience or just hints on the following:

1 Do I need the more or less anti-virus,firewall and anti-spyware etc as I had with XP? And what ones work well with Vista?

2 And no 2 is simply are there any pitfalls to watch out for, or hints/tips you can give me?

3 Do Firefox and iTunes work ok?

Anything else??

Many thanks folks, and happy New Year


  Jake_027 00:27 02 Jan 2008

Just the usual antivirus/antispyware with vista. I use AVG free, spybot, ad-aware 2007 and ccleaner and have had no problems. Firefox and itunes work fine, as do I'm lead to believe, Office 2000 onwards and openoffice. Any pitfalls? Make sure you get rid of all the junkware that most new pc's come with-click here could be useful! As for hints and tips, theres generally some good ones that appear in the vista forum and you can always ask in there if you need any (it helps get a more specific response). And one more thing, don't listen to people saying vista is rubbish go back to XP, having had vista for a year it's a joy to use, so ignore them! Enjoy your new purchase!

  hawthorn59 01:31 02 Jan 2008

Thank you very much!


  hawthorn59 01:52 02 Jan 2008

Is it advisable to use that decrapifier software? Has anyone here used it? Or could you just remove the programmes yourself?


  wee eddie 09:27 02 Jan 2008

2GB good, 4GB better. (many apologies for the bad pun).

Actually 2GB should be quite sufficient. There are those who are surviving with 1GB but those that I know recommend the higher quantity.

  interzone55 10:57 02 Jan 2008

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop running Vista with 2GB of RAM and it works fine. I do like Vista but it has caused some problems for a few of my customers who find that the User Access Control (UAC) is more trouble than it's worth, I advise you to turn this off.

As for the Decrapifier, it depends on where you buy your laptop and the amount of crap that's pre-loaded. This program only removes certain programs, but it won't do any harm to give it a try.
You could try asking the vendor to supply you with a clean laptop that's not been filled with "trailware" etc, suggest that if they can't, perhaps they could offer you a discount to compensate you for the time spent removing all the junk

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