Decent Router..? Any ideas.??

  perpetual motion 16:06 18 Feb 2009

Just having issue After issue with my Modem & i belive time has finally come too use a router, i know NOTHING about them so i would be VERY greatfull if anyone could suggest a decent one....

Oh btw ive got a pc thats broadband thirsty so it has too be a decent one...

  ened 16:12 18 Feb 2009

I have a Netgear DG834g which was supplied by the isp and it suits my basic needs.

Won't your isp supply you with one?

I believe many isps will so long as you give a further commitment.

  perpetual motion 17:27 18 Feb 2009

ened Thanks for the reply, I had too laugh when u said "Won't your isp supply you with one?" there a joke..ive never seen so much hostility between a company & its clients!!
Thing is WE cannot use another ISP....

  citadel 17:34 18 Feb 2009

belkin n1 vision wireless router. £111

  rawprawn 17:35 18 Feb 2009

how many computers are you connecting?
I use BT Home Hub, But I also have a Belkin which is no problem at all.
Most router manufacturers are good so really just take your pick unless you have specific needs.
By the way which ISP do you use, and why can't you change?

  ened 17:45 18 Feb 2009

What is the situation with your isp then?

If you could change you would definitely get one from your new provider.

  perpetual motion 19:37 18 Feb 2009


click here

  perpetual motion 19:37 18 Feb 2009

Sorry didnt realise was in uppercase..Upps

  cream. 19:53 18 Feb 2009

Oh dear. Karoo.

Use a belkin one, like this click here

This is the one I set up for my son over at kingswood.

As for the dropping out, I think thats just a permanant feature of krapoo

  Dipso 23:44 18 Feb 2009

Do you need wireless capability? If you mainly intend to use a wired connection to the router I wouldn't go for a N standard wireless router. Save your money and go for the Netgear DG834GT or one of the newer DG834G (54Mbps) models.

  perpetual motion 01:10 19 Feb 2009

cream. thankx for that i suppose u need too be "In the mix" to FULLY understand what i mean & u are CLEARLY there & understand me...U like FC..???

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