Decent Media Player Suggestions Please..

  kev-a 18:03 15 Aug 2007

This has been asked no doubt and i have had a quick look but found more leaning towards DVD playing than Music files..

I use WMP at the moment but would like to install a better player which is easier to organise my Music.
I sync to a MP3 Player fairly regularly
I've tried Media Monkey but wasn't keen..:(

Because i have a Laptop with a smallish HD all my Music files sit on an external 250G drive so i was thinking about the Player install to this drive..Any negatives with this,...

Thanks Peeps :)

  zoobie 18:06 15 Aug 2007
  DieSse 18:09 15 Aug 2007

Try Songbird click here

If (and I don't know) you can install it on your external drive, there shouldn't be any negatives that immediately spring to mind. It may be a tad slower than on an internal drive - but rty it and see is all I can suggest.

It's particularly good at integrating local files, USB stick files, mp3 blogs, music search engines, there's already an add-on for iTunes integration.

It's an early release, but I've found it to be pretty neat, and reliable so far.

  DieSse 18:10 15 Aug 2007

PS and Internet radio, and more too.

  kev-a 18:14 15 Aug 2007

Thanks people..Will look at both..

Zoobie, Which Mirror would you suggest or go for any ??

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