December DVD Win Optimiser

  jboyd 21:45 15 Oct 2006

Just installed the program form the DVD and it is showing as a 10 day trial, I can't find any code to put in to make it the 'full' version. I have looked in the mag and on the install page of the DVD but there doesn't seem to be anything as far as I can see.

  anskyber 21:56 15 Oct 2006

No, there usually isn't. Not a criticism you understand, a mag with a cover price of £4.99 and a great discount for subscribing is not in a financial position to give much away.

Much of what is on the DVD is freely available from the host web sites or other collections such ass Filehippo. BUT, the DVD does have the odd gem on it and some special deals and if nothing else it highlights things we may never come across, so I for one am happy. The mag is worth the cash in its own right so anything else however limited is a real bonus.

  bluto1 21:57 15 Oct 2006

As you go through the installation procedures read the info that comes up. On about the 4th or 5th page it tells you how to apply for the full free licence. I know that I sometimes just sail past pages I should have read and have to go back.

  RickyC :-) 22:24 15 Oct 2006

BOYDFISH - follow bluto1's advice, the free registration code is acquired through Ashampoo's website - and you obtain this after following the instructions in the installation process.

Contact me by using the yellow envelope next to my user name if you have any difficulties when unlocking the free full version.


Cover Disc Editor

  anskyber 14:04 16 Oct 2006

First of all may I apologise if my post is incorrect as it appears to be.

I have always found it difficult to clearly understand from the disc or indeed the mag which programs are full and free. Can I assume the Win Optimiser is just that, full and free with no time limit such as 6 months, a year, or whatever?

  RickyC :-) 15:42 16 Oct 2006

Hi anskyber,

That is correct - aShampoo WinOptimizer is free and full, and with no time limit at all.

With the exception of some internet security applications, the software we include in the 'Full Programs' list will always be full versions and will not have time restrictions.

There will often be more advanced versions of the same applications available from software developers, so certain features which are available in 'Pro' (or similar) versions of the same program may not be in the version being given away, but if we say it's a full program, it will be.

With internet security, antivirus, anti-spam and anti-spyware software, it's often not possible to give an unlimited license to readers - after all, the software developers make their money from requiring customers to 'subscribe' to the updates. Whenever possible, I try to offer at least 3 months or 6 months of updates, to ensure our readers get value for money and have a reasonable length of time to use the software and compare it with other similar candidates.



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