Debug Message - Explorer 6

  setanta23 17:15 13 Apr 2003

I keep getting a box on the screen telling me there is a runtime error and would i like to debug. As i have no bug in the first place i would not know how to debug.

So in usual fashion i have been saying no and getting away with it as the site i wanted to enter opened for me.

However today the same thing has occured and on trying to get into yahoo games - dominoes - i can load the page but it is empty apart from empty boxes.

is there an easy way of debugging or would attempting it cause more problems that it is worth. i do however like to play dominoes - my only form of exercise.

Message states Line 38 syntax error
and is followed by
Line 40 syntax error
both described as Run Time errors

Help please

  powerless 17:18 13 Apr 2003

In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options... > Advanced > Tick "Disable Script Debugging" and click "ok"

  spikeychris 17:20 13 Apr 2003

Script debuggers are used by Web site developers to test programs and scripts on their Web pages.
Go to internet options then advanced and tick disable script debugging.

It will bother you no more


  spikeychris 17:21 13 Apr 2003

Afternoon, Powerless.

  setanta23 17:24 13 Apr 2003

I would like to say i had already thought of this but when it comes to computers i talk a good fight lol.

In this instance the box is not ticked so nothing to be gained

although having said so if it is not enabled why or how is it giving me the option to debug manually.

Thanks for the quick reply

  powerless 17:28 13 Apr 2003

No, the box is not ticked so the message will appear asking you to debug.

So debugging is enabled.

If you tick the box you will disable debugging so the window will not appear - so debugging will not be avaialable and you will not be asked into debugging.

  powerless 17:29 13 Apr 2003

Lots of debuggings there.

  spikeychris 17:35 13 Apr 2003

Also "un-tick" (as in take the tick out) "display a notification about every script error"

It specifies whether to display the actual script errors when a page does not appear properly due to problems with its scripting. This feature is off by default, but is useful to developers when testing Web pages.


  setanta23 17:38 13 Apr 2003

I have done what was suggested and assume that it will work

Thank u again for taking the time to educate me


  setanta23 18:11 13 Apr 2003

Thank u all i have done as requested and i no longer get the debugging message but am now faced with a page which says loaded but with errors.

i am still unable to get into yahoo games - dominoes in particular as all i get is a screen with boxes all of which are empty.

this is driving me round the bend trying to figure out what i have done to make this happen. assuming i did anything at all.


  powerless 18:25 13 Apr 2003

What is your operating system?

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