Debit card used fraudulently.

  keyboardqueen 14:39 06 Jul 2012

I checked my online bank account yesterday morning as I always do, and to my horror there were several transactions totalling £900 that weren't of my doing. The bank's fraud team are onto it and i'll be refunded but the worrying thing is, whoever did these transactions, not only had my card details, but also knew the memorable name I use with my bank in order to complete these transactions! Paying my bills and banking online is a god send to me but now I daren't use my pc. Have I been hacked, a virus, a keylogger? I did all mal ware scans etc and they showed nothing. Does this mean a dreaded wipe of my pc? I'm running windows xp sp3, avg, windows firewall, windows defender, spybot, malware bites and ad aware. Thanks for any advice, i'm so worried :(

  spuds 14:50 06 Jul 2012

Did the bank offer any advice, when you reported the incident?.

What my main concern would be at this point in time, was how those possibly responsible knew your 'memorable' details?.

  keyboardqueen 15:13 06 Jul 2012

The bank simply said it could be a virus/hacker/keylogger, but as you say, it's one thing someone obtaining my card details, but to have access somehow to that extra layer of security information?! I am besdie myself with worry and don't know what to do.

  lotvic 15:29 06 Jul 2012

Is it a Debit Card or a Credit Card? Which bank is it?

It's more likely that your card was cloned when using it in a shop or petrol station. Or are you saying they logged into your online account? that is only place I know of that would ask for your memorable name.

Were the transactions shopping online (needing only the code from back of card) or withdrawals from an ATM / purchases from a shop (needing your PIN)

Or you may have fallen for a phishing email that asked you to renew your details (via a fake website) and then you would be logging into a fake website first that pinched your details then redirected you to your proper one.

I use Trusteer Rapport to warn/prevent me logging in to fake websites or being redirected to one. (free download from my bank)

  lotvic 15:32 06 Jul 2012

Just noticed, Debit Card in Heading.

A keylogger is a possibility.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:33 06 Jul 2012

The only thing wrong with your security is the use of windows XP firewall, with XP the firewall only stops incoming not outgoing, so if something has got into the system it can send out without any notification.

Have a scan with Hitman Pro hereto see what it finds

  frybluff 16:09 06 Jul 2012

The other consideration is, is your internet connection password protected, or have you done "financials" on a public network?

The only safe thing is to cancel debit card, and order replacement (do both), and get online banking security re-set. All-in-all a pain, but less so than recovering stolen monies.

  keyboardqueen 16:43 06 Jul 2012

@Lotvic - it's a debit card with the Coop bank. The only time my memorable name (or other security info) is required is when doing an online transaction and then then you are redirected to another screen where you enter the answers to security questions as an added layer of protection supposedly. The unauthorized transactions were several mobile phone top ups, large amounts to something called 'Moneybookers' and '123-reg'. I am always vigilant when it comes to potential phishing emails, never follow links in emails and have never given any passwords, security details etc in response to an email request.

@ Fruitbat - I used to use Avast with Zone Alarm firewall, but after a series of updates from one of them, the other stopped working, so I got rid of zone alarm. After the unauthorized usauge yesterday, I also replaced Avast with AVG as Avast has been behaving oddly past few times, downloading updates without requesting and still carring on when I try to shut the window.

@Frybuff - I have a wireless laptop downstairs which is password protected and mainly for the kids. I do all my banking and bills on the cabled pc upstairs however, I do not have a password before connecting to the internet and if I DO have a keylogger, they'd know this already anyway, surely? The bank cancelled my card and is sending me a new one which will take 7-10 days. I have lots of things that need paying online when my new card comes, but if someone has access to my accounts somehow, then they're going to get the new details aren't they? All the scans i've done show nothing untoward. Where do I go from here?

  wiz-king 16:49 06 Jul 2012

Do you use the same card in shops? If you do then that is a much more likely source of trouble as the memorable word is not needed.

  lotvic 17:50 06 Jul 2012

as frybluff says: Is your wireless internet connection protected? someone may be not only using your internet connection but also looking at the files of any pc (wired or wireless) connected to your Router.

I would suggest you turn off the Wireless (WLAN) on your Router for the time being.

  keyboardqueen 17:58 06 Jul 2012

@Lotvic - Thankyou for the link. Yes, my wireless connection is all password protected.

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