Dear Microsoft...........

  MaxUpload 10:34 16 Apr 2008

......Monday I took delivery of a shiny , brand new laptop as a birthday gift for my daughter.

Since yesterday morning I have been "playing" with it , installing various updates , antivirus , some programs migrated from her old PC and generally "setting it up".

You in your wisdom decided some time ago that the world was ready for another operating system - which pundits told us would be the "future" of personal computing.

You cocked it up son - HASTA LA VISTA - today I go back [go back?] to XP.

  johnnyrocker 10:42 16 Apr 2008

consumer watch?


  [email protected] 12:13 16 Apr 2008

i found this quite funny, in a tongue in cheek way click here

  anskyber 12:19 16 Apr 2008

Actually it sounds as if you cocked it up.

Did you check before installing older programs that they were Vista compliant? Is the anti virus version the latest Vista version or have you installed an XP version?

  Rob_08 12:43 16 Apr 2008

@adman 2

It is funny, but also very true. But WTF is this doing in the helproom section ?

  MaxUpload 13:38 16 Apr 2008

Rob_08 - because I was already in here , and you know that feeling you get just after clicking the mouse button......?

anskyber - I thank you for your comment which seems to give me some of the credit for authoring the dog's breakfast that is Vista.

  anskyber 13:41 16 Apr 2008

I see, so the answer to my questions are obviously no you did not.

  MaxUpload 13:42 16 Apr 2008

adman 2 - have just read the article pointed to in your link.

What can I say.It's not toungue-in-cheek , it's TRUE!

  MaxUpload 13:47 16 Apr 2008

anskyber - If you are happy with your assumptions then so be it.

  anskyber 13:57 16 Apr 2008

No other conclusion to reach.

People do go into new things like Vista and fail to take the basic precautions. Even in XP days loading non compliant programs was always a potentially risky affair.

It's useful to flag up things like that in Forums like this for others to read and be warned about so they can be prepared. It may limit the number who then blame the PC, OS, program or whatever for their own oversight.

  Input Overload 14:47 16 Apr 2008

I think Vista is great, I've had it on for over a year & my Pc is just a AMD 3200. It's stable & fun to use, well done Microsoft!

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