spec 12:21 22 Jan 2009

I wonder if anyone can help with this. Pursuing an upgrade I went to Novatech and purchased one of their M/B bundles. I need other stuff for the upgrade so made a list of (6) items, from a case down to cooling fans. I then mailed Nova and asked if they could do a deal for me if I purchased all the items from them. I got a point blank 'no'. Anyone know any companies where I can maybe save a few quid by such a proposition?. Things being tight as they are.

Thanks in advance.

  kindly 12:33 22 Jan 2009

If you have a computer fair near you at the weekend that might be one road for you to go down. You know, a lot of people go to the big companies hopeing to get a good deal and finding out like yourself that they are not interested. Why dont you try a local computer shop. They are a face and real people to deal with. I have got a few good deals this way and you can always go to talk to them if you get stuck.
You can do a google search for the bits you want first to get an idea of prices. Hope this helps you.

  Shortstop 12:36 22 Jan 2009

I've always seen "discounts" as a two-edged sword. If they can give [further] discounts then the original price may have been inflated slightly to cover this. I used to work in Telesales and we regularly made an initial offer above the target price specifically so that we could give a good discount and STILL end up with a profit. In my experience the one supplier I was able to negotiate a discount was still more expensive the ebuyer & Novatech.

I am firmly of the opinion that Novatech shave their prices down so far that further discount is just not possible and - when support and P&P are added into the mix - have always used either of the 2 companies already mentioned simply because the overall package is good.



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