Dead Tooter

  tooter 21:59 07 Jul 2004

I was having loads of problems opening programs over the last few weeks, also my AVG anti virus found a load of programs infected so I decided to format my hard drive. Before I could do this I switched the computer on I found it to completely dead, no lights on the front, no fans working, no monitor every thing completely dead. I popped the top of but there was nothing obvious, I checked power lead and fuse OK. I plugged in a different power supply unit which was working on another computer it was the correct voltage and out put amperage and wattage don’t know if it was the right one all the connectors were the same but the wiring colours on the mother board connector were different it also had an extra connector with 2 white and 2 blue quite heavy wires which plugged in to the other computers mother board. Perhaps not the brightest thing to do but at that stage I was willing to try anything, it made no different, still dead. I would be grateful if anyone could suggest what the most likely problem may be so I can fire it up so I can format or even fit a new hard drive if required. Thanks for any help.

  hillybilly 22:16 07 Jul 2004

The psu you have borrowed should not be a problem, that extra plug you refer to is used on some P4 mobo's but not all. Anyway the first thing to try is disconnect everything except your graphics card, leave in at least one stick of memory, the cpu and of course the cpu fan/heatsink. Now switch on and see if there is any life. like some of the fans start or any bleeps. Post back what happens.

  tooter 22:28 07 Jul 2004

The problem is when the thing didn’t light up with the borrowed CPU I retuned it to the guy I borrowed it from got the original fitted back in now but I will try the borrowed CPU again tomorrow and the let you know or is it worth your suggestion with the original CPU?

  hillybilly 22:41 07 Jul 2004

yes do it now, because if itdid not work with the borrowed one then theres a very good chance it is not your PSU!

  tooter 23:12 07 Jul 2004

Disconnect everything still not a flicker

  hillybilly 23:21 07 Jul 2004

Then I am sure you have either a dead mobo or CPU. just try with your friends PSU again as that is a known good un, but without the memory or the graphics card. Atleast the fans should still fire up, but if there is still nothing then I'm 99.9% sure it's a mobo or cpu. On the other hand if it does start then you just start putting every thing back until it stops and you'll know then which component to change.

  tooter 23:25 07 Jul 2004

Cheers! HillyBilly i'll give it a go

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