Dead slow start up

  TN 14:35 28 May 2009

I am running Windows XP on my Fujitsu Siemens 2 year old computer with 1 GB RAM mand a 500 GB Hard Disk (partitioned into 3) In the last 3 days at boot up the Fujitsu Siemens welcome screen appears as usual but instead of disappearing after about 10-15 seconds it stays for at least 3 minutes and sometimes nearer 5 minutes. I run Comodo Anti Virus on a daily basis and Comodo Firewall constantly. I have also checked the computer every week for Malware etc with Spybot but nothing has been found. I have not installed any new programmes nor made any changes to the computer recently. I also run a check every week on my Registry. Has anyone any idea what the hold up can be - the comouter runs perfectly otherwise but it is a wee bit annoying having to sit and wait for it to start.

  tullie 14:46 28 May 2009

Might be worth having a look at what programmes are starting at startup

  TN 14:58 28 May 2009

Many thanks tullie - I have ran msconfig and stopped all the progs that are not necessary to see if that made any difference but it hasn't - I am at my wits end and cannot see any reason - thanks for your time in trying to help - it is sincerely appreciated.

  birdface 15:15 28 May 2009

Download the free version.Update it then run it.

click here

  birdface 15:21 28 May 2009

If comodo anti-virus is running at start up stop it and get it to run at a different time.Try Task Manager to see what is running.If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 97% of CPU usage this is normal.If anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.
Maybe you need more memory.

  TN 18:47 28 May 2009

Thanks buteman - I am running the malaware prog at moment - I cannot run task manager (or anything else) as nothing at all has loaded when the Fujitsu Siemens welcome screen is showing - all one can do at that point in hit Del to enter BIOS. There is NO activity showing in the computer led while the screen shows the welcome screen - This is what I cannot understand - if nothing is running why is it pausing for so long - so far nothing bad has been found during the scan but sho knows what will turn up?

  TN 19:02 28 May 2009

Sorry for all the negative replies I am giving, but Jockie, I cannot select F8 for safe mode until the Welcome screen disappears - this is AFTER the 3 -5 minutes delay. This is my mainm problem as I can do absolutely nothing until the welcome screen disappears and then the Windows Loader starts: at this stage everything is 100% and loads immedaitely as it did previously when the Welcome screen did not freeze temporarily.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 28 May 2009

Not a windows problem as windows has not started to load when the screen "freezes".

It could be having trouble finding the hard drive(s) so run chkdsk.

You may also be able to turn off the logo in the BIOS.

  birdface 19:12 28 May 2009

Can you have a look in Device Manager and see if any drivers are needing updated.[There should be a yellow exclamation on whatever needs updating.]If so maybe try here It is free.

  canarieslover 19:29 28 May 2009

For a pound or so, try a new motherboard battery. The bios could be spending all this time looking for your drives if it is set to 'auto detect'. I have had a similar fault on an old PC where it would take ages to find them but if then I re-booted it would find them straight away, probably warmed the battery up a little and gave it enough power for the second boot.

  TN 21:21 28 May 2009

More negatives lads, sorry:
1. Scan disk shows no problems
2. Tried System Restore to 3 weeks ago (long before this started) with the same result
3. Tried Hibernation - also got the same result:
4. Device manager had no Exclamation marks so all is well according to that.
It looks like canarieslover might just have the answer - I'll get a new battery tomorrow and check that out - might also be a bad fitting but there is no reason why it should have moved.
I have never come across this in all my time with computers but my hope now is on the battery - I'll keep- you posted on results.

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