Dead screen

  griffo 11:49 16 Aug 2007

For a while, one of our PC's (XP) has been giving intermittent problems of no screen (black). When we changed the monitor (which works on other PC's) the replacement works - for a day or two. However, after a short while, the screen stays black when starting the PC.

The PC appears to be booting, as far as I can tell but now, we can't get any monitor to work on it.

The MB is an Asus A7V400 - MX SE with onboard graphics. Is it likely the graphics port has failed? If so, would it be OK to insert another graphics card?

Any/all suggestions would be most welcome.


  griffo 13:14 16 Aug 2007

Thanks for the reply.

I presume that, if it is the onboard graphics that is faulty, the monitor will work from a new PCI graphics card, long enough for me to get to the BIOS to make the changes?

  griffo 13:21 16 Aug 2007

Actually, the symptoms have now changed. With the side cover off, when powering up the CPU fan, which incorporates a blue light, is coming on & off with a slight 'clunking' sound and the fan speed rises and falls in time with the flashing light and clunking. Almost as if the power was surging up and down???

  griffo 17:14 18 Aug 2007

Sorry for the delay - been committed elsewhere.

Back to the plot:- I'm now quite sure it's the HD that's playing up. The noises are actually coming from there, a rythmic dull knocking. I believe this means it's not spinning properly?

Anyway, thought it might be worth putting the HD into a removable HD caddy in another PC to see if I can read it at all?

Tried this but I keep getting a 'boot disk failure' notice or nothing at all after the intial screen. Is this because it can't read the drive or is it the jumper settings?

It's an ExcelStor J240 and I've tried changing it from 16 head Master to device 1 slave, then cable select - both resulted in 'Disk boot failure'. Then tried Dev 0 which went to the second screen and then stuck there.

Will it be possible to get the PC to boot to see if I can read the drive or, if the drive is broken, will it not work?

  griffo 18:27 18 Aug 2007

I've now tried just about every jumper setting available (without 3 jumpers). The last attempt was '32GB Clip Device 1 Slave' which resulted in a 'disc read error, press ctrl + alt + del to restart' - which didn't work, of course!

Does this mean the drive is dead and unreadable or just unreadable?

If the latter - any suggestions please?

  woodchip 18:32 18 Aug 2007

looks like it's dead

  woodchip 18:33 18 Aug 2007

You could try this,click here

  griffo 19:02 18 Aug 2007

Thanks for the reply.
I'm probably being thick (no change there then!) but don't I need the PC running to be able to use this utility?

  woodchip 18:00 19 Aug 2007

It will work from DOS you create a Boot disc with the download

  griffo 19:31 19 Aug 2007

OK thanks, will give that a try.

  griffo 19:55 20 Aug 2007

You've kindly answered my latest thread, which is linked with this one. However, the plot thickens!

As I have a number of PC's and have another with a HDD caddy, I thought I would just put in this PC (the one I'm using for this thread now actually, let's call it PC1), just to see if it behaved the same as in the other PC with a caddy (call that PC2).

Anyway, this PC (PC1) recognises it and looking in Explorer, everything looks fine!

So, why couldn't the other PC (PC2)handle it (mind you, that's the one booting from the caddy now!) BUT mostly - why doesn't it boot in it's own PC (PC3)? Could there be some other problem with PC3? If you remember, it all started with the monitor not activating.

Any thoughts please?

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