Dead PC!! PSU?

  rickf 09:52 02 May 2005

HI, My friend's PC was working ok but when he next turned it on, it was as dead as a door nail. No movements at all. I thought it could be the fuse of the 3 pin plug and replaced it with a new correct 5amp.Process of elimination as a first step. On plugging it in, there was a bang from near the PSU. I thing the PSU was probably dead before I replaced the fuse. Any ideas before I go and invest in a new PSU for her.Would appreciate quick replies as it a hol. today and I have some time. THanks.

  961 10:01 02 May 2005

Faulty PSU sounds a good bet to me.
Don't buy a cheap one, even if it is rated at high wattage
Ensure surge protector plug fitted if there is not one at present

  rickf 10:07 02 May 2005

Thanks 961. That's what I thought but I wonder if the bang after I replaced the fuse had caused further damage, like the H/D?

  961 10:13 02 May 2005

If there had been a power surge, such as during a thunderstorm, or electrical supply glitch the fuse could have blown and the psu could have been damaged. Replacing the fuse would perhaps have given the psu the chance to blow altogether

It's not possible to say exactly what happened or what has been damaged without examining the computer

However, since the fuse blew and the bang is said to been "near the psu" I think a fair first step is to try a new psu, especially since they are not too expensive

I don't think I would worry about further damage at this stage

Ensure there is a surge protector

  rickf 10:20 02 May 2005

Thnaks for the quick response. Will close for time being.

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