Dead PC help idea's please

  5ean 14:13 26 Aug 2004

Hi, had a phonecall from someone I help out and their PC is dead. It's vitally important I get it running tomorrow. Database's etc.

The symptom is that when switched on you get the light on the front but nothing else. Not even the cmos bios stuff before win boot. The screen stays black and there is not much going on fan or hard drive wise. I haven't got hold of it yet but it sounds fairly terminal to me. First thing I was going to do is try to boot from a floppy but not even sure it will get that far by the sounds of it. It's a P2 running Win Me, Maxtor HD only a few months old.

If you have any ideas or simple tests I can do please suggest however basic you may feel it is. I have a bit of experience building and fixing but only a little.

Many Thanks.


  Graham ® 14:18 26 Aug 2004

If not even the fans are running it could be the power supply. You could put the hard drive in another machine as slave to get at data.

  5ean 14:20 26 Aug 2004

Could it be the power supply and still get a light ont he front? I wondered this as there was an electrical storm last night locally.

  TomJerry 14:29 26 Aug 2004


  5ean 14:30 26 Aug 2004

yeah possibly, worried it may be, but how do I check? Thanks. :-)

  jack 14:34 26 Aug 2004

Case Light on you say.
Mains power to box is OK. then
Power supply -possibly - some Power supplies have a slow blow fuse -checkit
otherhave a thermo builtin - it blows then resets.

If No fan,No Drive, It all stops at power Supply
Check mainboard connector?

Or else as suggested main board fried perhaps

  Graham ® 14:36 26 Aug 2004

Different output voltages on a power supply. Maybe just one has failed.

Difficult to check the motherboard when it's not working, but look for any physical damage, scorch marks etc.

  5ean 14:38 26 Aug 2004

I'll check by fitting a diff PSU and get back to you tomorrow. Thanks so far.

  5ean 10:30 28 Aug 2004

data recovered from HD which was fine. Rest of PC is dead. Probably not worth the hassle as old but the data was vital. Thanks.

  Danoh 10:42 28 Aug 2004

Check that the motherboards CMOS battery is not dead and simply needs replacing. If this battery has never been replaced and its >2 yrs old, then there is a real possibility that this is the cause.

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