Dead PC that bleeps and flashes!!

  CeceLarsson 09:46 18 Nov 2005

Each time I switch my PC on it bleeps 6 times, the caps lock light on the kepboard flashes continually and the monitor is dead. The light on the monitor turns from green to orange and then nothing else happens (apart from the flashing light on the caps lock)! I used to be able to leave it like that for about 30 mins then disconnect it from the mains and plug it back in - this seemed to resolve the problem. However, no matter how long I leave it for now, each time I plug it back in I get the same bleeping and light flashing and then nothing. Any assistance would be really appreciated!

  Skyver 09:50 18 Nov 2005

If you have an AMI bios the following doesn't make very encouraging reading I'm afraid - click here

  DieSse 11:18 18 Nov 2005

So first - try unplugging and replugging the keyboard - then try another keyboard. Then you could try a USB keyboard and bypass the standard keyboard controller altogether.

  wee eddie 18:17 18 Nov 2005

As many details as you have of it's specification would be helpful.

The fact that your monitor stays blank and does not display a sign saying "No Signal" or similar, suggests that all is not lost.

  CeceLarsson 21:20 18 Nov 2005

Hi wee eddie. It is a Compaq Deskpro EP Series 6400. As for specification - no idea. I am literally THE absolute beginner when it comes to the technical side of computing. I have managed to get it up and running again (no idea how I I managed it) but I am too scared to shut it down as I know that when I switch it back on it's gonna start bleeping again! Someone told me that the sequence of bleeps (1 long, 6 short) suggests that the motherboard needs replacing but given that the computer is pretty old should I just be buying a new one??

  wee eddie 22:37 18 Nov 2005

If nothing were to break it would work as a basic office for as long as it lives.

There is no reason to turn it off for the next couple of days, as it only uses about the equivalent of a 60 watt light bulb when it's idling.

I am assuming it's on the net, so download this.

click here

It will tell you all of its details and then we can work out what it's opening "bleep" sequence means.

There is unlikely to be much one can do to repair anything but the most basic of faults, because of it's age, and I think that you should check your bank statement.

As you have all the bits, Screen, keyboard, et cetera. You should be able to get a very basic XP box for around £350, of course you could spend a fortune if you wish, but remember that almost all your software and peripherals may not work with XP.

  woodchip 12:23 19 Nov 2005

Bad Memory

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