Dead PC ( Acer Aspire 9300) laptop

  algey 19:26 17 Nov 2009

Twice in the past fortnight when on there was a loss of power and the effect was a thin white white line running verticaly down the middle of the screen.
Today pressed the start button and all that comes on is the light of the button with no other activity. Have a few times removed the battery and reconnected but no luck,
Also will not work from the mains supply.
Any ideas?, bearing in mind I'm not very computer wise.


  Quiller. 19:44 17 Nov 2009

onto the screen when you press the power button. Is there a faint sign of windows loading.

It could be the back light.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:58 17 Nov 2009

1. Turn off the computer,
2. Take the battery out
3. Take out the power supply
4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
5. Reconnect power supply
6. Then the battery.

Check the power supply socket is not loose.

  algey 09:50 18 Nov 2009

Dick,tried that and there's no sign.

Fruit Bat, no success with your suggestion either.

Thanks anyway.

  woodchip 09:54 18 Nov 2009

Have you a meter to check volts of Mains Charger will be in the order of 15 to 22 volts DC check what it says the output is on the bottom

  algey 16:01 19 Nov 2009

Checked the mains charger, and I'm getting the quoted 19v.
The computer came on today,so am crossing my fingers.
I'm just concerned that it might be a major component on it's way out (CPU etc)
Thans for replying

  mooly 17:19 19 Nov 2009

If it does it again see if the lights on the front go out too... power, battery and wireless.
Can you hear the HDD still spinning.

  woodchip 23:02 19 Nov 2009

It will not be the CPU as that will work or not work, once its gone its gone. Could be Power Supply Problem. Or it could be the Hard Drive to a Disc check using the Windows scanner tick boxes to let it fix any errors it finds and do a full scan of the drive

  algey 22:06 24 Nov 2009


Sorry for not thanking you earlier, but have been away for a few day.
Thanks for your advice, am taking in on board.

  tullie 23:07 24 Nov 2009

Dident you have the battery in?

  algey 17:41 25 Nov 2009

I've never taken the battery out!

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