dead pc

  gob14 22:42 11 Jan 2003
  gob14 22:42 11 Jan 2003

last night pc just crashed tried to restart get post beep then varies on how far windows loads sometimes it gets as far as splash logo other times comppletes memory test then just stops have disconnected everything except harddrive graphicscard,removed memory and tried all individually still wont load windows.hace also tried inserting boot disc to try to format harddrive first few attempts recceived read errors allthough i know disc works when it finally did read the disc it got so far then just stopped any idea what could be wrong.

  ellas 23:27 11 Jan 2003

could be a corrupt bios,try taking the battery out for a while then go into bios when you start up and load defaults.

  gob14 23:35 11 Jan 2003

have tried to enter setup to restore default settings by pressing del but nothing happen just carries on loading

  Ranger 09:19 12 Jan 2003

Sometimes you have to be rather quick on the button to get into setup but as Ellas says take the battery out on your motherboard or look at your motherboard manual for jumper settings to clear the settings in the bios and it will load defaults. Another thing you could try is to check the floppy drive/cable, I had a problem similar to this and it turned out the floppy drive was faulty.

  VoG™ 09:31 12 Jan 2003

Other keys to try if DEL doen't work are ESC, F1, F2, F10, CTRL+DEL

  siarad 09:45 12 Jan 2003

Jumping to Format 'cos you have a little problem!. You've just piled trouble on trouble especially as the problem clearly has nothing to do with the HDD as the faults are coming up during POST. Try Ctrl+Esc, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+S. What OS etc?

  gob14 09:54 12 Jan 2003

os is windows 98se havent formatted harddrive just wanted to see if i could get pc to run for some length of time have tried to run pc in safe mode phoned tech support they said dead motherboard .I had a similar problem last year(fried processor)my pc is in a fairly cold room could this be the reason for these faults

  gob14 10:36 12 Jan 2003

have managed to get into setup to restore default settings while in the setup screen computer turns off fans and everything else still running

  siarad 17:50 12 Jan 2003

FD & HD can only be used between 10C & 50C & warm-up must not be greater than 10C per hour. The MB etc can work down to 0C & up-to 70C so that shouldn't be a problem with the BIOS settings. However don't run the PC below 10C as you could corrupt the HDD. I used to love winter Monday mornings as I earned a lot fixing PC in companies who'd turned off the heating over the weekend. Modern HDD with servo tracks don't seem to be so fragile as the old dead reckoning stepper motor drives boo hoo.

  gob14 22:29 15 Jan 2003

have just read another post about the motherboard earthing out on the case have unscrewed the motherboard and placed it on cardboard turned it on and it works .how or what do i have to do to stop this from happening when i replace the motherboard back in the case

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