Dead PC

  ngauge 20:58 14 Dec 2009

My desktop PC suddenly stopped - for no apparent reason. After checking it over I could find no reason so assumed that the PSU had failed. I replaced it with a new one - no difference.
So reluctantly I ordered a new m/board, installed it and - no difference - although there was a small light on the board indicating that the power was getting through - although the fans were not operating. So what is there left? The CPU? But if that had failed. Surely the fans would have been working? Any ideas?

  grey george 21:08 14 Dec 2009

Is there a POST bleep? Does the HDD light flicker?

  ngauge 21:13 14 Dec 2009

No bleep. nothing else connected.

  grey george 21:26 14 Dec 2009

No bleep suggests a dead mother board is it the same as the first one? Have you searched for failure issues with this board? Do you have a multi meter to check the out put of the psu?

  ngauge 21:37 14 Dec 2009

It is a brand new m/board (Foxconn). Unfortunately you have to have a load on the PSU to check it's output, but with the light on the m/board I thought that indicated that current was getting through. My "test" was the fans -if they were working I felt I could go further, but no fans - switch off quickly.

  grey george 21:53 14 Dec 2009

Is the new mother board the same as the old one?
Does it support your old cpu?

  ngauge 21:55 14 Dec 2009


  Deekio 23:41 14 Dec 2009

Check this out, it solved my problem
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  Deekio 23:49 14 Dec 2009

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  Strawballs 09:06 15 Dec 2009

Dead memory can cause all sorts of problems, if you have more than 1 stick try them one at a time.

Also try unplugging everything from the motherboard except 1 memory stick and HDD with OS on it and if that works try plugging back in one at a time.

  ngauge 14:25 15 Dec 2009

Checked PSU as you suggested - good idea, but PSU normal so it 'aint that.
Also checked the memory as suggested - but no joy there either.

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