dead PC

  ngauge 20:11 26 Nov 2009

My PC went dead! Nothing happening so I thought it must be the PSU. Replaced it with a new one- no difference. Therefore it must be the m/board I thought and with difficulty managed to get another (used Foxconn) of a similar type. Set it all up and - no difference - dead, no fans operating... Could it be anything but the replacement m/board is duff? They claimed it had been tested but the fitting which holds the heat-sink was missing so how they could have tested it without a heat-sink? (I transferred the one from the old m/board)

  MAT ALAN 20:16 26 Nov 2009

could be faulty I/O switch, might be fuse in plug...

you getting any lights or beeps at all...

  ngauge 20:19 26 Nov 2009

Have checked power lead - normal. No lights, no beep.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 26 Nov 2009

Disconnect everything except cpu one stick of ram and graphics card.

Any signs of life?

  ngauge 10:40 27 Nov 2009

Disconnected as you suggested - no difference whatever.

  MAT ALAN 12:24 27 Nov 2009

Have you tested the I/O switch if you are happy to cross the connections it may elliminate any issue with the switch...

  Terry Brown 13:21 27 Nov 2009

Do you have any lights at all, eg Modem lights on modem connector, small red light on motherboard etc.

Try somewhere like Maplin for a multimeter (cost about £8) or borrow one from a friend, and test the outputs from your PSU, you should be getting 12 volt or 5 volt from most outlets.

Where the power switch is on the computer motherboard,, test the voltage, Unplug the Power switch power lead and jump the connection. Normally marked SW1.

Have you plugged any other appliance into the socket, where the computer normally goes as you may have a wiring fault with that socket.

  ngauge 16:55 27 Nov 2009

1) What is the "I/O" switch?
2) I thought I read somewhere that when there is no load on a PSU, current supply does not register. I am not getting a reading. Have plugged monitor to lead I am using and it lit normally.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 27 Nov 2009

Momentarily short across the pins to the On/off switch, this is the signal to the PSU to switch on.

IF you eliminate, Socket - Power lead - PSU - faulty on off switch - mtherboard - bad memory - fauty drives (HDD and Optical) then all thas left is a bad CPU.

  ngauge 19:32 27 Nov 2009

Your suggested PSU testing is a 2 handed job and I'm single handed. But in any case we're talking about two! When it packed up I thought it was the PSU and bought a new one - which made no difference. To my mind the m/board is still under suspicion as it's clear that they hadn't tested it as claimed - as the part which the heat-sink is attached to was missing!

  Quiller. 19:37 27 Nov 2009

Check the cmos jumper on the motherboard. make sure it's in the run position.

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