dead pc

  seymx 21:09 26 May 2009

i've got a dead pc! please help...
it's started by the date and time resetting to jan 2001 23:00hrs and this knock the antivirus software off (mcafee) which i thought may have let viruses in so i ran a scan on my mcafee but found nothing. then, just to make sure i downloaded avg and this found a few things (can't remember the names) which i healed but then i got a dialog box saying system file were missing and i needed to reinstall them then got a dreaded blue screen and then it would only start in safe mode.

i was about to back up my files in safe mode when it just shut down with a blinking green LED on the front panel as though it was in standby mode or something but would not come back on the mouse or keyboard. i left it for about 1hr but it was still blinking so i tried turning it off at the wall socket and it hasn't turned on since
there is power to the mobo as the ethernet socket is lit at the rear but it does nothing else!!

i looked on some forums and it suggested changing the mobo battery for the date and time problem and i have a multimeter at the ready to test the 3 voltages to the mobo.

any other suggestions would be very welcome before the pc follow the laptop through the same window (laptop ...different story!!) :#
thanks for looking.......seymx

  Technotiger 21:16 26 May 2009

I agree about the comment re Battery on mobo. Also, if or when you get it going again, make sure that you only have one Anti-virus - I would keep AVG get rid of McAfee.

It could also be a dead or dying PSU, the light on the rear socket could still be on even with a dud PSU.

  pa1916 21:20 26 May 2009

Your running an old computer 2001 the computer will default to when it was made,do a full reinstall of the OS you will require your recovery disk that came with the computer.

  OTT_Buzzard 21:21 26 May 2009

To be fair, changing the battery sounds like the right thing to do.

  OTT_Buzzard 21:21 26 May 2009

Sorry, cross post.....i should only read one thread at a time!

  Technotiger 21:48 26 May 2009

Apology not necessary - we all do it at some time :-)

  lotvic 22:11 26 May 2009

Your post doesn't make sense.

  seymx 22:35 26 May 2009

i can't do a full reinstall if the %$&*@#£ thing won't turn on!!'s a home built system.. about 3 years old
mobo - MSI K9N SLi platinum. cpu - AMD2. g/card - MSI NX7600GS 256mb DDR2. memory - crucial generic 2X 512mb

  Technotiger 22:39 26 May 2009

I would suggest, try a new mobo battery, only a quid or so. Then if still no different, another PSU.

  phono 22:43 26 May 2009

If you can borrow an ATX PSU from someone I would try that first to see if you can at least power up the system.

Also, as others have stated previously, it does look like the mobo battery needs to be replaced.

  seymx 22:50 26 May 2009

the battery is in. :(

don't wont to buy a psu if can help it and i may not be able get one for testing. (billy no mates!)

i'll get the multimeter out!

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