Dead PC

  Seadog 17:01 27 Mar 2009

A friends PC recently died, when it is switched on, the hdd light comes on for a few seconds then nothing.
CPU fan runs but no other activity. The usb ports are powered (mouse lights up!) and one led lit on m/b.
AMD athlon 1800 on a Gigabyte GA 7DXE m/b 512Mb ram running win Xp. Old but he can't really afford a new one, it does, or did, what he wants.
There is no output from the graphics card - we have changed that but no good. When pc is switched on no display at all. Not even a post bios check or whatever.
Have changed the psu as well - also no good.
The dvd drives open/close and the search lights comes on briefly when powered on.
No beeps or anything.
I personally think it is terminal, probably the motherboard or cpu failed, but said I would ask here in case anyone thinks otherwise.
Anyone any advice or help with further diagnostics please?

  howard64 17:24 27 Mar 2009

it is probably the power supply - you only need the output to have failed on one lead coming out for it to appear to be ok but will not do anything. If you have another power supply handy try putting it in. A psu is much cheaper than a mobo or processor.

  Diemmess 17:27 27 Mar 2009

You seem to have done everything you could except bite the bullet with a replacement motherboard
click here

This will cost 2p change from £40 when you include the high postage charge and is a gamble.
It will be (if successful) a heck of a lot cheaper than new gear.

  Seadog 17:41 27 Mar 2009

Howard64 - I mentioned that we have changed the psu - no good

Diemmess - thanks for that, will pass it on. Like you say, it's a lot cheaper than a new pc.

  baldydave 17:47 27 Mar 2009

Have you tried a different stick of ram or if more than one stick of ram in the system try one at a time,better still if you have a stick that you know is ok use that.

  Seadog 17:54 27 Mar 2009

Baldydave - ok, thanks, will try that - will have to be tomorrow though as I have an appointment with some beer shortly!

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