Dead Pc?

  heartsfanno1 16:41 19 Jan 2009

I wrote last week asking for advice on my PC and I was told that it could be the PSU that was the problem. I have now replaced the PSU but still the same problem persists.

What the problem is that when I push the power button on my PC nothing happens. If I hold it on for a few seconds an orange light flicks on but nothing else. I've looked inside and the green light on the motherboard and that comes on ok but nothing.

Has anyone got any ideas what the problem could be?


  howard64 17:35 19 Jan 2009

do you have any usb devices plugged in? if so unplug them and try again - some pcs occasionally will not start with usbs plugged in. If it is not usbs try unplugging bits inside the case. Start with ram if you have more than 1 piece take all except 1 out in turn. I have had a piece of ram go faulty and stop a pc running. If not ram then disconnect each piece from the motherboard and try starting. If it attempts to start plug in 1 item and try starting again. In this way you find what has caused the problem. If it will not start with nothing plugged into the mobo either your mobo or cpu have died.

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