Dead PC

  Hrosir 19:47 15 May 2006

Further to my last posting regarding my dead PC, I have found that the LAN card at the rear of the pc is lit, presumably this would indicate that there is internal power. I have also found that the flimsy power switch on the front of the case appears to be broken. I reckon that if I connect the reset contacts to the power supply I should be able to restore the power. This brings me to the problem I now face; I have an Asus a7n8x De Luxe Motherboard but I am unable to find the manual to determine the pin connectors needed, any links or drawings of the power
connections would be much appreciated.

  ICF 19:58 15 May 2006
  ed-0 20:02 15 May 2006

Your last posting? have you a link?

You can check, to see if it is the power on switch. the switch can be by-passed. Take the two wires off and place a small screwdriver across the two pins. You just need to touch for a fraction of a second.

The pins are the power and ground for the ATX power switch click here

  Diemmess 20:06 15 May 2006

"I reckon that if I connect the reset contacts to the power supply I should be able to restore the power."
.........I assume you are NOT talking of mains voltages here?

If the Case On/Off switch is faulty, you can usually connect the reboot switch leads to the mobo in place of the on/off one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 15 May 2006

click here insert model to download manual

  Hrosir 21:28 15 May 2006

another step forward, I have tried using the reset wires to start the pc but I only get a brief glow from the case fans, it may be that my reset button is only a make and break switch as oposed to an off/on switch, this would sem hopeful as there is power to the internal components. In view of the fact that I am unable to get to the switch to replace it, would I be able to wire a separate on/ off switch on the outer casing perhaps to the reset connectors?

  woodchip 21:37 15 May 2006

If you take the side from the case trace the wires from front button the pins just have to be touched togther with a screwdriver. the plug may have PW on it

  ed-0 22:02 15 May 2006

have you tried the on-off switch " ATX power switch " on the motherboard front panel connector? or just the reset connectors?

  red dragon 22:13 15 May 2006

If you have connected the reset button to where the power button is connected on the motherboard and hold in the reset button it should power up if all else is working.

It will all go off when you release it, but it would prove if its the power button thats at fault.

  woodchip 22:24 15 May 2006

You can use the Reset button in place of the power button on the power button pins this will work just as the power button. It will keep running until you shut down windows as normal

  ed-0 22:30 15 May 2006

If you keep the screwdriver on the reset pins, it will do as it says on the tin. It will keep reseting the computer.

It will power up for a second or maybe two and then shutdown. When you make the connection again it will do the same. You will have no chance of firing the PC via the reset pins.

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