Dead PC?

  rustysutton 15:47 11 Mar 2006

I wonder if someone a lot more knowledgable than me can help!

I have been given an old pc by a friend but it doesn't boot up. When I switch it on it sometimes gets to the black screen with the name of the BIOS, memory etc but sometimes doesn't even get this far although the power remains on at all times. The last time I tried the screen froze just before detecting the hard disk with the word 'Detecti' and then nothing. All the fans are working and there is an orange and green light continuously on on the MOBO.

I guess this is probably a problem best left to experts but wondered if anyone could offer some words of wisdom.

Many thanks

  scuba steve 15:49 11 Mar 2006

Dude i had the probelm and some one told me it was to do your OS (?) im not a PC wizard but tyhat was what i was told - you can sort it out in BIOS they said!

  ACOLYTE 15:52 11 Mar 2006

Does the hard disk have a valid OS installed?
the "detecti" thing i assume is because it was searching for a hard drive/os as you had disconected the hard drive.It also sound like it may have been pre-loaded with an OS and this has become corrupt.You may have to format and install another OS maybe win 95/98? i doubt it would run xp without errors.

  rustysutton 16:11 11 Mar 2006

I've tried to get in to the BIOS to see if I can change the boot priority and make it boot from a CD but it wouldnt even let me get in to do that.

  mehome 16:27 11 Mar 2006

tur off power,remove power cable,remove and replace all add in cards,memory,ide,cables.some connections could be dry joints,and try again.

  mehome 16:30 11 Mar 2006

ps. be carefull of static,make sure you touch some exposed,earthed metal before handling any parts.

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