Dead PC?

  misters 19:12 28 Jan 2006

Hi my sister phoned me earliear to say her sons pc just went completly dead, she has tried changing the fuse in the plug also tried another socket the electrics all seem fine only the PC.

Does anyone have any suggestions as what it could be, if so could you post them here and i'll try them out tomorrow went i go to visit.

Her PC is not under warranty anymore over a year old it runs win/xp.

  Yabadaba 19:19 28 Jan 2006

Do a search for dead PC ,But most likly the PSU is faulty.

  woodchip 19:45 28 Jan 2006

PSU is the Power Supply, Mounted back top of case a Box with all wires coming out of it. You need the same kind but more Watts

  rmcqua 20:19 28 Jan 2006

Depends what she means by dead. Does the monitor show any signs of life (on light, for example) or does the PC itself seem dead (no power light or fan noise) or are both dead? It's important to establish this before you start bothering about replacement power supplies.

  howard63 20:23 28 Jan 2006

has she checked the switch on the psu if could have been knocked off

  misters 11:01 29 Jan 2006

This morning the pc started to show a bit of life it came on but then shut down on its own and it continuosly does this now.

Any more suggestions, would be much appreciated.

She alao recieves a message for about 2 seconds to check cables no input or something like that, all the cables have been checked and they all seem fine.

  Gongoozler 11:11 29 Jan 2006

Screen messages referring to no signal, checking cables etc are usually generated by the monitor when there is no signal, which of course is what happens if the computer isn't working. What you do next depends on how much you want to delve into the insides of the computer. You will definitely be having to do some dismantling and experimentation. If you don't want to do that, you will need to take the computer to a repair shop. If you are happy to tackle the insides, post back here and we'll give you some guidance.

  jhm 11:17 29 Jan 2006

Had similar problem, fans turned for about a second-changed PSU and it cured the fault

  Gongoozler 11:25 29 Jan 2006

Yep. I would say that 80% of the time the PSU is he cause. That's what I meant by "some dismantling". A PSU change is well within the capabilities of anyone who is prepared to get into the insides of a computer.

  misters 11:46 29 Jan 2006

I'm ok about replacing the PSU, what i'm not sure is what supply unit to replace it for, would it really matter if the watts where high or to low is there a way i can check.

  Gongoozler 11:57 29 Jan 2006

Hi misters. You can't really have too many watts. The existing PSU should have a label telling you what size it is. As the computer is a year old, probably a 500W supply will be adequate. If you know the components of the computer, then you can work out an estimate of the requirements here click here. If you are buying a good quality PSU, then the estimated power requirements can be taken as a reliable guide. If you are buying a cheap supply (e.g. click here) then it's a good idea to allow a generous margin to ensure cool running.

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