Dead Pc??! :(

  Donna-Marie 17:03 06 Apr 2005

On saturday there was what i think a power surge (even though i have power surge protectors through the house) and one of my pc's hard disks died completely - so i bought a new one and now thats all fixed etc (im on it at this momemnt in time) now i went to switch my other pc on and its not working at all, no power to it...

The fuse has been changed, the monitor is powered (the main power for the tower supplies the power to the monitor) but the tower itself isnt starting up etc - no lights. Any ideas whats wrong with it? could it be the bios battery?

  Donna-Marie 17:12 06 Apr 2005

tuh what am i talking about sorry CMOS battery :)

  Osgerby 17:52 06 Apr 2005

Can you try a 2nd known good psu in the tower ? it could be that the surge shortened the life of its psu

  Diemmess 17:52 06 Apr 2005

The monitor often by-passes the fancy bits in the PSU so they may be fried while the monitor is OK.

If the two PSUs are similar,(it is a lot of work) try swopping the good one for the suspect one, just to see if it proves anything.......... No need to screw every last screw home for the test, just anchor the trial PSU so that it is stable

  citadel 17:57 06 Apr 2005

sounds like the power supply unit in the tower has failed. It is easy to fit a new one as they are just held in with 4 screws. Just copy which connectors are fitted which components.

  Trackrat 17:59 06 Apr 2005

The monitor works off mains power so even if your psu was dead it would still switch on.
When you turn on the power do you hear any fans starting up as if it is quiet it is possibly your Power supply unit.
If your computer is over 3 years old it is possible that the Cmos battery would need changing, but that would not stop the PSU starting.

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