Dead PC

  Templar1961 19:57 03 Oct 2004

My PC was hanging so I tried a soft reboot. No response other than a buzzing sound so I tried switching off, but nothing happened. I decided to pull the plug then tried swithcing back on.

Nothing works now except for the monitor which is powered through a transformer via the PC.

Any thoughts on what has happened?

  stalion 20:06 03 Oct 2004

sounds like your power supply may have packed up do you have another to try

  Templar1961 20:09 03 Oct 2004

My monitor still works via a transformer thru' the PC - could a faulty power supply be the cause?

I don't have another power supply to try - how much do they cost?

I plan to build a Shuttle PC soon but that will require a different type of power supply?

  Templar1961 12:53 04 Oct 2004

Any thoughts/suggestions welcomed!

  JonnyTub 13:09 04 Oct 2004

power supplies start from about £6 quid from click here but that won't fit inside a shuttle pc as these tend to have external power supplies to keep heat down and space is at a premium in shuttle pc's.

  t.long 13:28 04 Oct 2004

Best bet is to dissconect all non essential parts. Go for the MB, CPU+H/Sink&fan, RAM, and VGA card. Then see if it powers up. If nothing happens then its quite likly your PSU has gone, have a listen to see if you can hear the fans going. If it works then it might well by a HDD fault or somthing else. The only way to tell is the gradualy reassemble it a bit at a time.

  georgemac 13:39 04 Oct 2004

if the motherbaord is still healthy and getting power it should at least be beeping at you

click here testing a power supply

click here a way to test the psu - note I have never done this but have seen this method mentioned in other places - short pin 14 (green) with any black (ground) wire - the psu should spin up. I would not use a paper clip if I ever were to try this - I would use a piece of properly insulated wire - I certainly would not touch anything until the mains power was disconnected.

Note beware of the dangers of electricity - it should always be off at the mains if you are poking about inside a case - if unsure of anything don't try it - get someone who knows about electricity.

  Templar1961 15:24 06 Oct 2004

I fitted a new PSU and nothing happens - still totally dead, no lights or sounds.

Should the PSU fan be making a noise now? Its totally silent!

  JonnyTub 15:26 06 Oct 2004

Motherboard!!, probably taken out when the psu went pop.

  Rigga 15:53 06 Oct 2004

I know it's probably silly but have you checked the fuse on the plug?? ;-)


  Templar1961 16:12 06 Oct 2004

Had a fuse blow in the plug a few weeks ago!

Guess that was a warning of what was to come?

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