dead pc

  maxirv 19:02 23 Feb 2004

hi all, i shut down my pc last nite and all seemed fine, but when i turned it on this morning it is completely dead. There must be power getting through because the monitor doesn't have it's own supply and there are lights on that. I have checked all the obvious connections, fuses etc., although being a rank amateur I may have missed something glaringly obvious. Any ideas?

  LastChip 19:14 23 Feb 2004

do you get a "beep"; if so, how many?

  maxirv 19:21 23 Feb 2004

it seems completely dead, except the light on the monitor.

  LastChip 19:36 23 Feb 2004

Remove the cover (providing the machine is not under warranty) and switch on. Pay particular attention to the CPU fan. Is it rotating? Also check any other fans (graphics card?) and look for anything that may have come adrift (memory cards?) and could be causing a short circuit. At this point, it is also worth checking to see that all your expansion cards are firmly in place with a gentle push on each. Make sure you touch the case first to equalize any static electricity in your body.

No beeps indicate a potentially serious fault I'm afraid, but you have to start somewhere.

Please note, there are NO dangerous voltages in this part of the computer, but on NO ACCOUNT disassemble the power supply, which is in it's own case.

Let us know what (if anything) you find.

  broggs 19:47 23 Feb 2004

the power to the monitor is linked directly to the power cord in.It sounds like it could be a faulty power supply unit to me.6they are cheap enough and can be replaced by anyone who has a philips screwdriver and a bit of sense.

  maxirv 20:11 23 Feb 2004

I found (apart from lots of dust - could this be my problem) no life. No fans were moving, no wires were loose (well, lots are but I believe they're meant to be - after all tidiness is not the aim here). My heart sank when I read you're "no beeps indicate a potentially serious...". I have just ordered a new monitor and scanner! Perhaps I should cancel them. No point if I have no PC to run them from. What do you recommend is my next move? A trip to the "Computer Mender"?

  LastChip 20:20 23 Feb 2004

Do you have any form of test equipment, a multimeter for example?

One more thing (stranger things have happened!), if you look at the back of your computer, near to where the mains supply lead plugs in, is there an ON/OFF switch on the power supply? Could this have been accidentally moved to OFF? (Not all power supplies have this feature).

  woodchip 20:26 23 Feb 2004

you need a new PSU the monitor does not tell you anything as it's power is taken of the 240 volts supply inside the PSU before the PSU transformer drops the power to the comps Volts

  arricarry 20:29 23 Feb 2004

Hello - do power supplies have their own onboard fuses that are secreted away somewhere, I am no great authority on these devices.

  LastChip 20:39 23 Feb 2004

They also have thermal devices that are self resetting, for transient motherboard and peripheral problems.

  maxirv 21:06 23 Feb 2004

found a multi-meter (tho it looks out of the ark) What do I check though? Hate to sound so dumb but...

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