Dead or UNdead PSU

  Catastrophe 02:47 02 Sep 2005

Out of the blue ...

Suddenly there was no power ... no fans ...

but after pressing the power button there was a flash of light on removing finger.

Any ideas please?

  User-312386 06:51 02 Sep 2005

Dead PSU

Unplug mains, try the fuse.

Next look inside case to see if a wire has come loose.

Next if fuse has gone on main plug, try using another fuse, if fuse still blows try another PSU

  Catastrophe 10:32 02 Sep 2005


Thanks for the response. It is not the fuse and I can't see any loose wires (other than the normal power spares).

Can one rule out PSU because the lights blink when taking finger OFF the front power button. These are actually on a 4xUSB panel? If not PSU is mobo the next option?

Any comments appreciated.

  DieSse 11:04 02 Sep 2005

PSUs amy fail totally, or on just some of their outputs - so even if you get some lights flashing, it may be the PSU.

The next major suspect, as you rightly guess, is likely to be the motherboard.

  woodchip 13:17 02 Sep 2005

Try a PSU first

  woodchip 13:20 02 Sep 2005

Do not connect test a PSU that does not have a load. It should be connected to MOBO to test the PSU so don't try plugging a new one in and switching on as they are meant to only work when connected

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