dead.. or is it

  Sorrowfully 14:36 28 Aug 2009


my hard drive is dead. Have checked it using various software etc all of which says it is dead and I now have to send it to the company that supplied my PC and they will send me a replacement.

However, bearing in mind the extraordinary lengths I go to protect my PC when it is working to stop people accessing it, and bearing in mind it has bank, personal, work and other confidential details on it, how can I be sure it is really wiped and is not going to fall into the hands of some spotty tech type who might use its contents to their own advantage....

  Clapton is God 15:01 28 Aug 2009

"how can I be sure it is really wiped and is not going to fall into the hands of some spotty tech type"

What have you actually done to wipe it? The fact that it's "dead", as you say, doesn't mean it's also wiped of data.

Also, why on earth do you keep "bank, personal, work and other confidential details" on your HDD?

They should always be kept on a removable media (which is, ideally, password-protected).

  Sorrowfully 15:14 28 Aug 2009

Erm, I am posting in the absolute beginners forum becuase.. I am one.
I have not done anything to wipe it because its dead. My PC wont start etc because it is dead but as you say, it might still be accessible which is why I am asking how to wipe it.
as for personal letters, pictures etc, will they not be on my hard drive automoatically as they were saved onto the pc?

  Clapton is God 15:20 28 Aug 2009

"will they not be on my hard drive automoatically as they were saved onto the pc?"

Yes, they will - which is my point - always save personal data to removable media (such as a USB pen drive), NEVER directly to the PC's hard drive.

As for wiping a dead hard drive, forget it. Ask a techie friend to remove the hard drive from the PC, destroy it and bin it.

Then buy a replacement drive.

  iscanut 16:21 28 Aug 2009

The pc will not start, but how do you know it's the drive ? May be power supply or motherboard. Best to get it looked at before binning the drive.

  iscanut 16:22 28 Aug 2009

PS Just noticed you say you have checked it but if pc will not start, how did you check it. I am confused.

  Sorrowfully 16:27 28 Aug 2009

The PC starts, it boots up, but then immediately goes to a black screen where it says press a key to boot from drive, and then five seconds later says disc error, press ctrl alt delete.
I consulted the company who supplied it and they gave me a CD to check if the drive was corrupted etc and it says it is. The memory is fine (via another CD check thing) and so they say it is the hard drive which they will replace but, as discussed earlier, I foolishly have lots of personal stuff on the drive because I did not save it to a portable one and so I will replace that with one of my own and if it still does not work, send it all back with the new hard disc for them to get it working...
Does that all sound sensible?

  lofty29 19:23 28 Aug 2009

the only way you can be completly safe is to have a new hard drive and put the hammer through the old one,there is no telling where the old one could end up or what could be gleaned from it.Even if somehow you managed to wipe it the normal process only removes the folder titles the info is still there and can be recovered,only when a drive has been completely overwritten is data completely wiped.

  tullie 07:51 29 Aug 2009

If it was me i would buy a new hard drive,and put a hammer through the old one,after making sure the new one worked of course.

  lofty29 14:38 29 Aug 2009

One other point I hope you have a retail version of your software otherwise you are stuffed with your new drive.

  sonyboy 15:15 29 Aug 2009

Hi sorrowfully..I would NEVER...EVER...risk sending a hard drive with data on it to anyone...full stop!!
Be it the manufacturer or whoever! ..If you are a beginner..get someone you trust to take out the drive..and stand with em' as they take a big hammer to it !!
I know of at least two people who returned drives and both of them ended up with charges against their credit cards from somewhere in the USA no less....Destroy it mate !!

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