dead laptop site retrieval

  mco 12:28 04 Dec 2005

Just someone set my mind at rest on this please! I posted a message in helproom saying my laptop appears to have died completely ...just suppose the worst possible scenario and it has, and has taken all my stuff with it...a site I've built on NOF7 is on that laptop, but also uploaded and online. If the worst comes to the worst and I have to get a new laptop and re-install NOF, is it just a question of copying my site from where I've got it online and then carrying on editing it? Or is that too much to hope for? (and yes, yes, I know people should always keep backups of everything...)

  Taran 13:02 04 Dec 2005

Like most web authoring programs NetObjects has the ability to import a website from its location online.

However, it often mangles it in the process since it automatically tries to assign default page layuots to everything it pulls in and it may also decide to 'helpfully' add new navigation links to every page, whether you have navigation already in place or not.

There are ways and means around this though so yes, in essence you can import and work with the files on your web hosts server.

Why not wait until you get your laptop sorted out and post with details. It's pointless listing the necessary steps to use in NetObjects if you end up not requiring them and I'd rather not add to your stress levels by posting a lot of jiggery pokery ;-)

It's also worth noting that even if the laptop has died, providing the hard disk is OK you can simply remove it (usually two or four small Phillips head screws) then plug the disk into an adapter which allows its contents to be read and fully backed up to another drive in a desktop computer.

I regularly do this for clients who suffer glitches with their notebooks. The adapter fits onto a standard IDE cable in a desktop computer and the notebook drive slaves to the desktop master drive, allowing its contents to be read and copied to a safe location.

It takes moments to do and isn't exatly rocket science, so unless the hard disk itself has gone up in smoke your data could well be recoverable.

And yes, backups are important, aren't they ?


  Survey Surfer 13:08 04 Dec 2005

You could replace the laptop harddrive and use the existing drive in an external USB 2.0 HDD housing (click here) and copy across data you want to retrieve.
The external drive could then be used as an easy backup solution.
Obviously this isn't a quick and cheap solution.

  mco 13:12 04 Dec 2005

thanks both - I will wait and see what happens first and then let you know.

  ade.h 16:35 04 Dec 2005

mco - if the worst does indeed come to be true, it might be a good idea to save the HTML code and assets of your site in a more conventional way. What I mean is, when you save a webpage, you get an HTML file and an assets folder. This might be safer to work with if you find that NOF makes a mess of the import. It certainly didn't do a very good job when I tried to import an external site recently, so I had to use this method to save it, knowing that it would be possible to re-create the work by copying and pasting the HTML code into a blank page and organising the saved assets into the relevant folders. This was easier than dealing with the mess from the import attempt.

  ade.h 16:37 04 Dec 2005

To clarify - I mean, when you save a complete web page from within your browser. Not from within NOF.

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