Dead Laptop batteries,Recovery possible?

  Field Division 15:14 29 Jun 2006

Hi All,
I have a battery that wont hold a charge anymore so I went a hunting on the net as one does when they need info,anyway I read somewere that a guy put a dead battery in a sealed plastic bag and stored it in his freezer for over 24hrs somtimes up to a week then lets it defrost and he seems to get a result with this method,
Anyone ever heard of this making any difference?
I have heard dropping the battery pack from a slight height does the trick, but I have tried this in the past with other packs and the outcome being negative.

  johndrew 15:38 29 Jun 2006

I certainly wouldn`t drop it; that way is definitely the route to a new one.

Sometimes if you completely - and I mean completely, but DO NOT short it out, drain a battery and put it on charge continually for agood 18 hours afterward it can recover.

As for the freezer, it shouldn`t do any harm provided you keep it dry. Wrap it in cling film and bag it before you freeze it. After you remove it from the freezer leave it for a couple of days in the open to reach ambient temperatures before you try charging it.

One further point, make certain the battery casing is not damaged in any way - no leakage etc.

  john-232317 15:38 29 Jun 2006

Wipe a steak across it, then bury it in the garden, it wont hold a charge but it will kill the warts on it ;-);-)

Time to buy a new one....

  Belatucadrus 15:44 29 Jun 2006

Dead Li-ion laptop batteries can sometimes be refurbished, but the cost advantages over buying new are pretty marginal.
Most of these miracle fixes are apocryphal and where they do hold some truth it's usually a very short term fix. Dead Li Ion batteries can't really be fixed at home and once dead stay that way.
In short as has already been stated, you either need a new one or to run it full time on the mains adapter.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:31 29 Jun 2006

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  Field Division 13:58 03 Jul 2006

Thanks all for your comments.. battery has been on deep freeze over the weekend so its time to defrost, might just throw it onto the george foreman if it does give me the result I want..


  woodchip 14:01 03 Jul 2006

It as to go through Charge Discharge about four times before use. If it will not work then, I leave it up to you

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