Dead Laptop

  johnincrete 09:33 18 Jun 2011

May or may not be related to my post on a dead PC.

The laptop at school was nearly always connected to the mains i.e. only rarely was it run on the battery. Its and Advent running windows 7 that I bought in England last year and is not used very much. Now, when you press the On switch, there is a little red light (so small that I cannot tell what the icon is) that lights for a couple of seconds and then nothing. There is no red light when it is disconnected from the mains.

Is there any way I can test the battery without another identical laptop?

Any ideas before I take it to the repair shop?

  johndrew 11:06 18 Jun 2011

Have you checked the mains voltage at the socket you are using? Your PC/laptop may not recognise a low voltage but your screen supply may automatically compensate.

As a general rule I believe it is suggested the battery from a laptop be charged and stored in a fridge (not freezer!!) if the unit is to be used continually on mains power. Extends the battery life.

You should be able to determine what the "little red light" is by examining its location on the case.

  robin_x 11:28 18 Jun 2011

Try on mains only, battery removed.

Don't hold the On button down too long when switching on. My laptop switches off after two seconds if I hold On button down for more than half a second.

  johnincrete 07:16 19 Jun 2011

To Johndrew Mains voltage OK - laptop happily ran for nearly a year. Comments re battery noted with tanks.

Robin Done as suggested. Not even the little red light!

  Taff™ 08:52 19 Jun 2011

I don`t know if this has been suggested for either the desktop or laptop but remove the laptop battery and the power supply and then hold the power button down for 40 seconds. Replace the power supply (Not the Laptop battery) and try a reboot. You can do this with the tower as well. Just a thought.

  johnincrete 07:53 21 Jun 2011

I've consulted a computer repair technician here who says that the problem is in the main board & must be replaced under guarentee. Problem is that I bought it from the infamous PC World & the only way to contact them appears to be using their very expensive phone. I need to somehow register the fault with them while within the 1 year guarentee.
Anyone know an email or smailmail address? The PC World & Techguys web sites are no use.

  johndrew 09:56 21 Jun 2011

The only contact I'm aware of is link text

  johnincrete 08:51 22 Jun 2011

Johndrew Followed link & signed up but it only allows you to select questions from a FAQ list. Will ask visitor from UK to take laptop to where I bought it - PC World Reading

  johnincrete 17:47 04 Aug 2011

Laptop taken to PC World where they found the problem was the power cable. Bought new one and is charging up properly.

Thanks everyone

  Taff™ 22:43 05 Aug 2011

No problem and thanks for coming back to give some feedback. Is it resolved?

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