Dead Laptop

  MaggieP 12:23 24 Oct 2007

Hi all, I was given a Samsung V25 laptop 2 years ago, it wasn't working at the time so paid about £100 to get it fixed. All was fine until last night when it suddenly died, switched it back on and got the message 'Operating System not found'. Tried the restore disc but it just makes a few whirring noises then stops. Really grateful if someone could answer the following questions please...

Am I likely to have lost everything on there or will it be possible to retrieve it?

Is it worth paying to have it repaired again?

Would I be better off buying a new desktop rather than another laptop? I never take it anywhere, just went for the laptop because I have limited space.

I have just dragged my old faithful 9 year old Tiny out of the loft and it is taking up most of the kitchen!

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 24 Oct 2007

'Operating System not found'.

When it boots up on the first screen does it detect the Hard drive?
Can you get into BIOS and see if the Hard drive is detected?

If HDD is detected then you may just have a corrupt file of the HDD or the HDD is corrupted.

Do you have an XP CD? same as in laptop i.e home or Pro.

"Am I likely to have lost everything on there or will it be possible to retrieve it? "

If the HDD is "clunking" on boot up then may be unrecoverable.

If corrupt file then an XP repair will sort it out

If a corrupt HDD then may be recoverable with a repair from recovery consul with the XP CD

Or you could also try and connect the laptop HDD to The Tiny and recover files, What op system on the TINY and is the laptop using the NTFS system.

A little more information need to guide you on the right path.

  silverous 13:11 24 Oct 2007

It sounds like the hard disk has failed somehow or key files on it are corrupt.

Re: laptop vs desktop, if you are still space restricted is a desktop an option? I tend to prefer desktops over latops unless i) There is a need for mobile use or ii) Space is of the essence.

  MaggieP 13:31 24 Oct 2007

Thanks for the replies, I think I should have put this on the Absolute Beginners forum as I haven't got a clue. When I switch it on it gives me an option of F2 for set up or F12 to boot from network. If I F2 it asks for a password which I haven't got. Will see if I have an XP CD and try to work through it logically.

On the space issue, I think I could accomodate a smaller desktop, the Tiny is huge, the monitor is 16" deep!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:31 24 Oct 2007

The screen before the options should show memory counting up and a list of equipment can you see the hard drive?

When it asks for the password try just pressing enter.

BIOS passwords click here

V25 manual click here

As a quick try removing and refitting the hard drive.
Turn over laptop remove small phillips screw bottom right corner slide out drive and slide back again, remaking the drive contacts may be all thats needed.

  MaggieP 14:55 24 Oct 2007

Nope, it just says Samsung, F2 or F12 then some bits about Intel Boot agent and Intel Base-Code then Operating system not found. Will try removing the hard drive. Thanks again!

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