Dead HDD ????

  timeteam2004 13:08 12 Apr 2005

I have just switched off my PC to change over to a new desk. However now when I switch on, the comp switches straight back off again. If I then unplug my secondary HDD the comp works perfectly.
Does this mean my HDD has died?

  Diemmess 13:17 12 Apr 2005

Is it possible that the HD was just too much for your PSU?

If overloaded a PSU may simply protect itself By cutting out.

If you have a host of cards drives and other clobber, the extra HD might take just too much current as it starts.

  timeteam2004 13:25 12 Apr 2005

I have been using this drive for some 2 months now and I have noticed no problems before. However in another thread I have stated that windows kept resetting with a problem and must close, along with other strange happenings. Why could this now cause a problem? A little too much for my small grey matter :-((

  Diemmess 13:43 12 Apr 2005

Maybe I jumped to the wrong conclusion, though if the power is marginal and that HD's motor is iffy I was only putting the cart before the horse!

At worst, you may not be able to use that HD again even for data recovery, though I have seen in this forum all sorts of violent things recommended for reluctant HDs,
some of them hilarious.

You could try disconnecting the OK - HD and just connecting only the dubious one in its place. (no need to do more than prop the temporary one up in a stable state) but do use the same data and power cables. Unless there is an OS on there it won't boot up, but that doesn't matter if it shows "no system disk error." ........ It will at least show if the computer can stay switched on. - or NOT!

  timeteam2004 13:52 12 Apr 2005

I have just done what you suggested and all now seems to be back to normal. All drives showing and working.Weird state of affairs. Thank You Very Much.

  Diemmess 14:01 12 Apr 2005

I hope it stays alright for you too! Intermittant faults are the worst. If you have any spares it might be worth replacing the data cable to the dodgy position, but probably not worth buying one from so little evidence.

Good luck.

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