a dead dell

  kimisam 16:14 09 Jul 2008


My Dell Desk top pc has just died on me! It's approx. 3 years old, model No. Dimension 5100 running xp.

The on/off switch is keep on flashing amber light and no other responce, I contacted dell support about the problem, I was instructed to do a few simple things to try to found out the problem but was no use.

is anyone out there can help please.

many thanks

  crosstrainer 16:22 09 Jul 2008

I suspect you've already tried this with Dell, but switch off the PC. Disconnect the mains cable. Wait for 1 minute or so. Re-connect the cable and try again.

If this fails, then it sounds as if your power supply unit has failed.

  kimisam 16:47 09 Jul 2008

hi crosstrainer,

thanks for your reply,

yes, I tried that and also pressed and hold on/off button for a while, still not working.

if it is the power supply, how much will it cost?

  crosstrainer 16:55 09 Jul 2008

If you want a Dell original best to contact them directly....They had a habit a few years back of reversing the polarity and using non-standard parts.

I'm not sure how old your PC is, but best to contact them.

  Sparkly 17:10 09 Jul 2008

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  kimisam 02:27 11 Jul 2008

Hi crosstrainer,

My son have just gone through with dell's support and gone through all tests, interestingly, one of their support staff told him afterward that it is the "front I/O panel" needs to be replaced.

So I ring them up again the next day but was told by a difference support staff, to take the pc to a local computer shop to replace the front I/O panel cable first before trying to replace the panel itself!

I presumed every technician has their own thorey of what is wrong with it. is anyone out there has a similar problem with the same pc?

my pc is about 3 years old.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 11 Jul 2008

If you feel competent

then open the case and disconnect the cable from the front panel to the motherboard.

see if the machine will then start.

  kimisam 02:41 13 Jul 2008

Hi Fruit Bat/\o/\,

I just did that and it's not working at all because the front panel is where the on/off switch is, obviously.

anything you can suggest?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:17 13 Jul 2008

If you momentarily short across the two terminals on the motherboard where the power switch conncects to, this will send a signal to the PSU and start the machine.

  skidzy 10:49 13 Jul 2008

You have two of the best around advising you here.

Without stepping on there toes i would just like to point you in another direction.

You can test your psu and is very easily done with this click here

Though i should add and others will probably agree.There is a possibility that if you have had an electrical surge of sorts,the psu maybe damaged and also may have taken the motherboard with it.Sorry for the bad news,but im trying to be realistic.

  kimisam 23:47 07 Sep 2008

Hi all,

just want to give you all an update, after lengthy telephone conversations with Dell's tech help, it was agree that the front I/O panel was faulty, as the PC was out of warranty, the part was send to me and I replaced the part but was still not working.

so there was more telephone calls to Dell's tech help and was agree to send the pc back to them for repair (after my local computer shop could not help as I was instructed to take it to them by Dell).

Now the PC is back and has been replaced with a new Main board and another I/O Panel! I have been charged for two I/O panels!

My Dell laptop is broken down too, the keyboard is not responding properly and they offer to send me a new keyboard for me to replace, but I was not comfortable doing so, the Laptop eventually send back to dell for repaire and guess what, they did not replace the keyboard but a new mainboard!

anyone with similar problems out there?

I will keeping you guys updates.

many thanks for all you helps.

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