dead computer

  snowy30 00:32 15 Jul 2010

I have and been trying to fix a dead computer (it's not mine), I done what could have been the obvious and foremost cause of a dead computer and that is used a working power lead - no luck! I put in a new PSU - no luck! Today I installed a new motherboard and still no luck. I hooked up the hard drive and the previous PSU to an old computer of mine and they both work. I put a Digital Meter across the front panel pins and there was a voltage reading, I even applied a screwdriver along the front panel pins for the power and there wasn't even a spark, bearing in mind that this is a new board.....any ideas anyone?

  howard64 08:39 15 Jul 2010

could be a short on the new mobo? have you double checked that the supports are in the correct positions for the new one? Try the new mobo out of the case on an insulated mat or something.

  Dark Mantis 10:14 15 Jul 2010

New PSU, lead, motherboard and still nothing? Are yoiu sure the socket has power to it?

  Dark Mantis 10:15 15 Jul 2010

If you applied a screwdriver along the front panel pins then you have probably blown the motherboard anyway.

  T0SH 14:54 15 Jul 2010

Stirred up memories from a long time back when I almost tore my hair out with a similar problem on a new build, it turned out to be a faulty reset button on the case front which was permanently locked in the reset position, a replacement of the momentary action switch fixed it though

Cheers HC

  snowy30 18:15 15 Jul 2010

That have crossed my mind, I have considered replacing the power switch on the front panel which is the only solution I have left to mind. Whether it be that or the mobo is at fault I do not know.


What difference will there be by trying the mobo out of the case?

  howard64 06:37 16 Jul 2010

it will eliminate any chance of the mobo earthing to the case.

  Dark Mantis 06:51 16 Jul 2010

Yes I would rebuild the computer outside the case and see if that makes any difference. Also make sure that you have only the basics attached at first.

  T0SH 14:10 16 Jul 2010

I have also in the past removed all the mounting screws holding the motherboard in place then slid a thin sheet of cardboard under the motherboard to keep it clear of case

I would also disconnect the front panel connector if it is a one piece connector unit with the individual connectors type leave only the startup one connected, or try the screwdriver momentarily across the appropriate place on the MB connection pins (do not expect to see a flash though the voltage on the startup pin connection is only 3.5V DC with a current of a few Milli Amps)

As suggested in the other posts the absolute minimalist approach in testing is to be highly recomended

cheers HC

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