Dead computer

  Seadog 14:52 14 Dec 2008

My friend turned on his computer this morning after using it ok last night and - nothing!
When it is first switched on the hard drive 'light' on the case comes on for a few seconds then goes out.
There is no output to the monitor - tried with another good monitor as well and still nothing.
I tried another graphics card and still no display.
I removed the hard drive and checked it on my computer (as an external connected via usb - I have an adapter for this) and all appears ok. Virus and spyware checked again all ok.
The power supply seems ok - the processor fan runs ok and the two optical drives open and close with power on.
I think it must be a motherboard fault or is there anything else I can check.
All advice welcome - I know a bit but not a lot!

  The Brigadier 15:01 14 Dec 2008

Do you get any bleeps at all when the pc starts up?

  Seadog 15:09 14 Dec 2008

No, sorry, I forgot to mention that. No beeps at all........

  The Brigadier 15:10 14 Dec 2008

Could be a dead CMOS battery?
Replacing the CMOS battery will be about £2 odd.
If that does not sought the problem out then it could be the Motherboard thats gone?

  brundle 15:11 14 Dec 2008

CPU gone most likely.

  Seadog 15:33 14 Dec 2008

I have just tried a cmos battery, no good.
Ah well, looks as though it's terminal, the machine is about five years old - and AMD athlon processor and only 500 Mb ram running (or it was!!) windows Xp very slowly.

  The Brigadier 15:35 14 Dec 2008

Sadly it sounds Motherboard problems.
5 years is good for a PC.
You could try to source another Motherboard?

If you do try Micromart out on a Thursday as a source.

  brundle 15:38 14 Dec 2008

Still say CPU, Athlons prone to overheating and they burn out, they don't slow themselves like Intel CPUs.

  brundle 15:40 14 Dec 2008

Well Athlons of that vintage at any rate

  Seadog 15:51 14 Dec 2008

Thanks for the help guys, I'll tick resolved........

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