Dead on Arrival

  Dirk Diggler 12:23 02 Sep 2004

Just returned from hols, went to switch on my PC and as I turned on mains power I heard a short "buzz" and then no power to the PC at all !!! Monitor, Printer etc are all fine but nothing from the main unit. Have done the obvious and checked fuse, tried different power lead etc but to no avail.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or remedies? Could it be serious / terminal ??


  Gongoozler 12:37 02 Sep 2004

Fairly serious. It's almost certainly the power supply that has failed. Fortunately this is almost the easiest part to replace. Check your old one to see what the power rating is. New ones cost from about £5 upwards. If you can, then aim to spend about £20 for reasonable quality. click here

  herc182 15:32 02 Sep 2004

Yeah i agree with Gongoozler. i had that happen to my work computer once (it was a pile of the best cow dung i have ever used). eventually whilst using it, the computer froze, i heard a buzz and a puff of smoke! it was a fairly spectacular failure which i was proud of (since i had been trying to get a new one off them for weeks!).

so try the power supply unit. most probably the problem.

  _plAsma 15:48 02 Sep 2004

yep, as herc182 said, it is quite spectacular to see your power supply fail. I watched mine go up in smoke with a nice loud bang - how wonderfull! lol

..anyway - back on topic :p heh

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