Dead acer aspire 7004WSMi

  wmm 18:52 20 Jan 2009

Nephew laptop, just out of warranty. On power up, no hard disk noise, power light on, hear DVD drive starting, if I leave on, I hear the fan, thats all, Nothing on screen, no bios, no windows splash, nothing. I have tried hooking up to an external monitor in case it was the screen, nothing. I took out the hard disk and reset it back in in case it was loose. Have done the same with the memory. Still nothing on start up, no beeps, nothing. Have contacted acer, but no joy, except option to repair at a cost, which nephew cannot afford. Hopefully someone will have a solution, thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:57 20 Jan 2009

Try starting on mains with battery removed.

Disconnect battery and mains Hold power button on for 30 secs reconnect and retry.

  wmm 10:24 21 Jan 2009

I tried starting the laptop without the hard disk. I powered on whilst holding the escape key, I got the boot up screen, then pressed F2. Saw the screen for a second then blank screen. So I know the screen is still working, does this mean it is a hard disc failure. Also tried the suggestion offered re the power, but no difference.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 21 Jan 2009

sounds more like incorrect screen resolution settings.

try booting from a linux live \cd

  wmm 23:19 24 Jan 2009

Ido not have linux so cannot opt for that suggestion. I have however taken out the hard disk and fitted it into my laptop. It worked fine, showed all my nephews stuff, which I have now copied for him. I then inserted my hard disk into the aspire, nothing. So problem is not the hard disk. Have tried hooking up to my pc monitor, but nothing. Have checked the ram, it is seated properly. On powering up, the only sign of life is from the DVD drive, although I know power is going to the hard disk, as I left the cover off, and I could feel it start to heat up. Dont know what else to try. Contacted acer, but they want 52 pounds just to look at it, then whatever the repair would cost!!! Not acceptable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:43 24 Jan 2009

remove CMOS battery for 10 mins to reset BIOS and then retry.

  wmm 10:50 25 Jan 2009

Do you know where the CMOs battery is located, as I am having trouble taking the laptop apart. I left the power lead in all night, powered up this morning, saw screen for about 1 second, then blank screen, but could hear noise coming from the hard disk. Tried various fn presses, ie external monitor, f2, then f8 then f10, but nothing, switched power off, restarted, nothing, no screen, no noise from hard disk.

  T0SH 13:22 25 Jan 2009

On some Laptops the screen selection toggle is one of the F keys pressed in conjunction with the shift key

Look closely at the screen toggle key if the icons are blue then it will use the Fn key otherwise the Shift key

Also remember it normally cycles LCD, External, Both

Cheers HC

  wmm 00:48 27 Jan 2009

Fn options are blue, still no joy with the external screen. If I leave the power lead connected for hours, then I get the screen appearing for a couple of seconds, and hear the hard disk for a few seconds, then nothing. If I try again, I get nothing at all. The only thing that seems to power up regardless is the DVD drive. I have searched for a CMOS battery on the motherboard, but cannot find one, also searched for a repair manual, again nothing. Am now in total despair, even removed the keyboard in case it was hiding there.

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