DDR2 Ram Question

  jrracing 09:34 02 Jul 2008

Hi there and thanks in advance.

My pc consists of 2 slots of DDR2 240 pin 533mhz memory, until yesterday I had 2 x 512mb to make 1gb total. I then brought an ebay single 2gb ram chip from 'Hong Kong', it works perfectly if I remove both the other chips, but will not work if I insert one of the 512mb chips into the 1 spare free slot. To ideally make a total of 2.5gb ram.

Is it possible I have reached the maximum ram capacity for the motherboard (It was only purchased in September 07), if so it seems quite low (at 2gb), I would have expected probably 4gb max. All the chips I have are 533mhz pc 4200 chips so should be compatible, I wonder if the Hong Kong chip needs another Hong Kong chip to work and 'doesn't like my uk supplied existing modules'! I was hoping to insert another 2gb into the second bank in the near future.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Before anyone gives me the standard 'visit crucial.com' I have tried this and it will not recognise my motherboard/configuration correctly.

  johndrew 09:39 02 Jul 2008

What motherboard have you and what cards are installed?

You should remember that graphics card memory also counts toward the total supported by your motherboard.

  jrracing 10:26 02 Jul 2008

Well I'm not sure what motherboard it is, but can try and find out.

It is a Fujitsu-Siemens computer with the factory fitted m/board, On box it says ATI ATX PD 775 (I don't know if thats it). It is CPU wise a 3.4mhz P4 HT.

The computer originally came with 'onboard' graphics memory of 256mb. I bypassed this with an independant ATI PCI-E 512mb 3D card. So to my knowlege the onboard graphics memory is no longer in use.

  Halmer 10:32 02 Jul 2008

in matching pairs?

  jrracing 10:53 02 Jul 2008

In my understanding they only have to be matching pairs with a dual core processor.

As long as the speed of the ram ie. 533mhz/pc4200 is the same on a single core processor I thought it should work ok.

You may have a point though?

  Halmer 10:56 02 Jul 2008

I'm not an expert.

  jrracing 11:26 02 Jul 2008

It was worth the thought!

  johndrew 14:33 02 Jul 2008

Download and install Everest Home Free click here. This is a handy tool that provides a lot of information about your PC.

When you run it you will see various options, if you click on `Computer` and `Summary` you will see your motherboard details there. Or you could provide details of the PC itself as it is a Fujitsu-Siemens item it will have a model number which can be traced.

I feel sure Halmer is correct on the subject of fitting DDR RAM in pairs. But it may also be the case that the motherboard is limited to the total amount of RAM it can support and the 2GB exceeds its capacity anyway.

What OS are you running? I ask because I think there is a limit of 2GB RAM with XP anyway.

  Christopher Lewis 15:17 02 Jul 2008

Try Belarc Advisor to tell you what hardware you have.
The limit for Windows XP is around 3Gb (varies according to hardware). I have three 1Gb sticks, but XP only recognises 3008b.


  Gordon999 15:28 02 Jul 2008

Regarding installing in pairs no you can fit a single module

  chub_tor 15:38 02 Jul 2008

Or you could run the Crucial Scanner click here and it will tell you what memory you have and what you can upgrade to.

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