DDR2 Memory Question

  mikey1980 22:21 31 Mar 2007

Hi, I have just installed 2 512 mb sticks of DD2 PC4300 memory in my PC, which has 2 512 Mb sticks already installed. I went into setup and banks 3 and 4 showed as 1gb each ad the total memory was 3GB, in windows it shows as 2gb. Is there an issue, all the ram is DDR2 533Mhz CL4 and the system seems to be running fine. Can any one help me figure out this problem?



  User-312386 00:06 01 Apr 2007

Does the BIOS need an update?

  Diversion 04:18 01 Apr 2007

Some systems have a limit as to how much RAM they can have, it depends on your motherboard.

  mikey1980 11:14 01 Apr 2007

The PC is a brand new dell E521, I have updated the Bios and the maximum ram it can take is 4gb so I am well within the limits. The Ram I have brought is PNY and I used there online configurator to match it to my system.

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