DDR2 800 Ram

  Wizards_Sleeve 11:35 04 Jan 2007

Hey fellas/fella-esses,

Just a quickie, which is better? 2 sticks of 1024 running in dual channel?? or 4 sticks of 512 running in dual channel??
My guess is 2 sticks of 1024.

cheers me dears,
the sleeve!

  Technotiger 11:50 04 Jan 2007

Yes - 2 sticks!


  Wizards_Sleeve 12:27 04 Jan 2007

for any particular reason??

  Technotiger 12:30 04 Jan 2007

Less hassle, fewer components to cause possible problems later. And just my personal preference.


  Technotiger 12:31 04 Jan 2007

PS - I have not checked, but might also be cheaper!

  Technotiger 12:32 04 Jan 2007

PPS - I use two 1024 sticks myself.

  Wizards_Sleeve 12:33 04 Jan 2007

its just that i bought a new pc, with 2 sticks of 1024 in it, but had hassle from the off, turns out that the ram fitted (corsair XMS2) isn't compatible with my mobo. but the company i got it off has 4 sticks of 512 that is. now i'm not sure if i want to go down that route as if i want to add more ram i will have to replace the lot rathre than just adding!!

  Wizards_Sleeve 12:37 04 Jan 2007


ASUS P5N32-SLI-SE Deluxe mobo. XFX 8800GTX gfx and Intel E6700 cpu. And 2 Gig of Corsair XMS PC6400 possibly if they can get it to work. I think they may have to replace the MOBO, trying to get them to upgrade it to the ASUS Striker Extreme! yee haar!

It was crashing completely about 2 mins into Call of Duty 2!!

  Technotiger 12:41 04 Jan 2007

Wow - a new pc fitted with incorrect ram! I would play hell with them and get them to sort it very pronto!!

And I agree with you about the possibility of later ram upgrades (if the board supports it).

  Wizards_Sleeve 12:45 04 Jan 2007

This is the second time its been back!!
Its strange as it runs 3Dmark06 well and clocks up a whopping 10480 points! but run COD2 on it and it hangs. Same with Battlefield 2142. Its at the company now being looked at and am waiting for the call to see what they are going to do,hopefuly upgrade the mobo for free!
Apart from this little problem though, can't really fault em for customer service/relations/build quality etc just a shame that incorrect memory has been fitted!! you would have thought that their configurator would have flagged up any form of incompatability to begin with though wouldn't you?!

  Technotiger 12:47 04 Jan 2007

Hmm, yes, I agree with your comments - I hope they surprise you with a nice noo mobo :-0

Good luck.

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