ddr ram help.

  patso 21:22 08 Sep 2005

i noticed tha when i am using my pc with free ram optimiser most of the time i only have about 40 to 50 mb of ram freee.i have 256mb of ddr. ram using xp home with sp2.when i check process on task manager the largest usages are svc host.exe system using 19,196k EXPLORER.EXE using 13,468k and ieexplore.exe using 14,860 k.on the bottom it tells me 39 processes running . Any ideas thanks

  Totally-braindead 21:27 08 Sep 2005

I've never tried the program you speak of, is there a problem like the computer running too slow?

  User-312386 21:37 08 Sep 2005

i would put at least another 256mb ram in the machine

  SANTOS7 22:00 08 Sep 2005

As you don't actually say you have a problem apart from the amount of free memory your PC is telling you have, double it up and let your OS take care of it rather than a third party programme ...

  patso 22:47 08 Sep 2005

thanks for the replys yes the memory is a little small i think and will double up as this seems the best option.thanks again for the advice patso

  DieSse 22:56 08 Sep 2005

The amount of free RAM is misleading. If you put in another 256Mb - then the same processes you will find use even more. Windows actually has a very large memory space - some real - some virtual (held on the hard drive). And Windows manages how it apportions real and virtual to be able to run best.

So if you have more real, it will need less virtual much of the time - so it will run faster (as the hard drive part is very slow compared with the real RAM. That's why adding RAM makes Windows run faster (up to a point at which it rarely uses the hard drive).

That's just by way of explanation. It's generaly accepted that WinXP runs better with 512Mb RAM - so upgrading, as recommended above, is a really good move.

  dan11 23:30 08 Sep 2005

It may also be worth looking at the processes. I think 39 is quite a lot. It maybe worth trimming them down. Under 30, would be better. This would also give you some extra free ram.

  SANTOS7 00:31 09 Sep 2005

I have 41, PC optomised, runs sweet as a nut..

  DieSse 00:36 09 Sep 2005

I too have 41 processes, using 249Mb, and the CPU between 0 and 3% (when no appications started.) I'm running nothing in any way unusual.

  patso 14:50 11 Sep 2005

thanks again for the replies as this info tells me a lot and my pc seems to be working ok ,its just that it takes a while to boot up sometimes and it gets bogged down sometimes when im using nero,when this happens i have to use task manager to get back to the desktop as i find nero uses a lot of ram but thanks again for all the help and i will check out the ram upgrade many thanks to all

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