DDR Ram help

  chrisinireland 14:18 25 Jan 2004

Just there at christmas i had my pc upgraded,
3.2ghz amd , 1024 ddr pco 3200 ram and a ge force fx 5900 Xt Ultra and a Nforce 2 ultra motherboard.
well heres my problem, since the first day i have started to use my system ever couple of days when i try to boot up my system it goes to the XP loading screen and the bang up pops a pure clue screen saying all 00000x00000 and all erros and it says memory dump started or sumthing

this has happeded over 30 times now since my pc upgrade and the other way to solve it is to format my hardrive and reinstall windows xp pro, its gettin really anoying as sometimes this my happen a few times a day. the other thing is that i have 2 sticks off ddr ram, one is a kingston ddr 333mhz fsb and the other is Elixer ddr 400mhz fsb, could this be a problem as i have taken out the 400 mhz one and now the same thing still happened but nows its a different error.

plz plz plz n e help would be much appreciated, im losing my mind

  VoG II 14:20 25 Jan 2004

You will have to post the exact error message. We cannot see your screen.

  chrisinireland 14:23 25 Jan 2004

sporry about that well i cant remeber the error as every time its dfifferent but all the 0000x000x00x00 are there, ill have to wait to the next time it happenes and then write it down

  hugh-265156 14:41 25 Jan 2004
  G&T 16:50 25 Jan 2004

I had a similar problem recently, getting blue screens & different errors and codes each time. I even got it when trying to do Windows XP "repair"! (After restoring with Drive Image)
In the end it tuned out to be a stick of DDR memory had gone down. I have four sticks of memory and took the lot out and then ran on only one, replacing it with another until I found the culprit.

  Rayuk 18:50 25 Jan 2004

The 3200+ is a 200[400]fsb cpu so memory ideally should be PC3200 have you tried just running the 400 stick on its own.
Its best whereever possible to use the same type/brand of memory especially in nforce2 boards.
You dont say what your power supply is

  fitcher 20:30 25 Jan 2004

I can not cure the problem with my board with the nvidia chipset i can only use one memory stick .my previous giga byte board had no problems // re member the old boards with four memory slots they had the same troubles with memory sticks .some motherboard manuals give the make of memory and size it would take i do not like the double memory boards at all

  chrisinireland 22:09 30 Jan 2004

Hello lads just back to say im still having big problems, i left the pc back to the guy that fixed it and he doesnt no whats wrong with it. he has tried puttin a lower spec processor and and lower spec graphics card into it and it works fine , but when he puts my equipment back into it the problems arrise again (3ghz amd , 1024 ddr pc
pci 3200 ram and a ge force fx 5900 Xt Ultra and a Nforce 2 motherboard) can n e 1 give me n e insight on the nvidia motherbpard and the problems with it, im gettin tired of this pc and could be gettin rid of it shotly if it aint fixed soon, since christmas when i got it upgraded i have have about 3 days that it has worked ok, and since i have paid 500 on the upgrade im feeling pretty discusted and fraustrated that it aint working, n e help on solvong this would be much much appreciated.
ps i have tried myself using just one stick of ram at a time but still no luck.

  Mike574 23:58 30 Jan 2004

Have you tried running the pc with just the pc3200(400) ddr as alot of mobo's don't like two difference makes of ram especially ones with different speeds.

  hugh-265156 00:28 31 Jan 2004

did you try the MS troubleshooting links above?

and as Rayuk above,what rating of psu do you have?

  Neo_0147 01:00 31 Jan 2004

Guess would be the memory. I've had loadsa problems and it turned out to be the memory brand not compatible with the motherboard. you say you've taken out the 400 DDR one, well leave that one in and take out the 333 DDR one and see what happens.

Hope it works soon.

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