DDR and an old computer

  pigseattruffles 23:51 07 Jul 2004

OK basically my nans computer is getting so slow its untrue. It ran win98 and then i upgraded it to winXP cause she prefers the better interface.I was wondering could I just slap in any DDR or do i have to get a specific type? Also do I need two of them or just the one.I was considering click here DDR and would really appreciate what people have to say on this.

  hillybilly 23:56 07 Jul 2004

Are you sure it will take DDR memory, I fancy you should be looking for SDRAM. What mobo have you got?

  pigseattruffles 00:02 08 Jul 2004

havnt got a clue what it is to be honest like i said its not my computer.i gess ill just have to check.all i no is that its pentium2 and ran win98. whats the difference between SDRAM and DDR (sorry im a complete novice)

  hillybilly 00:18 08 Jul 2004

Okay if its a PII it will be SDRAM, without getting to tech that was what everybody had before DDR. Best thing is open it up see what mobo you have and go to thier website download a copy of the manual. Then you will what type memory you will need and also it will tell you how much it can take

  pigseattruffles 00:29 08 Jul 2004

okie dokie thanks alot ill check it out and then attempt it :D

  Scotsman 00:49 08 Jul 2004

Does your Nan have the motherboard manual? If so it will tell you in there what memory modules the MB uses. If it's a Pentium II PC it's most likely to be SDRAM that it will need but if it was a very early PII I suppose it could be the earlier EDO RAM. Basically you need to check the following:

Is it EDO or SD RAM?

What kind of modules do the memory slots take? In particular are they SIMMS (Single Inline Memory Modules) or DIMMS (Dual Inline Memory Modules)

How many pins? As memory has evolved so has the size of the modules and the length of the slots on the MB.

What voltage is needed (most likely 3.3v but you need to be sure)

What frequency is required?

Does it use parity or non-parity RAM?

Is it unbuffered or buffered?

How much memory in total does the MB support and what is the max amount that it will take in each slot?

If it's EDO RAM it needs to be installed in pairs eg to get 256MB you would need to have 2x128MB or 4x64MB. Each pair needs to be in adjacent slots.

Whether it's EDO or SD you need to check how many slots in total there are on the motherboard and how many slots are already in use.

I'm not sure if you can still get EDO RAM new these days. If not you might have to try computer fairs.

If you don't have the MB manual, which should answer all of these points, but you know the make of PC try here click here to try and find out what memory you need.

Sorry if all that makes it sound really complicated. I'm not trying to put you off but there is no point wasting money on the wrong type or amount.

Finally, I wonder whether XP will ever run all that fast on a PII machine regardless of how much you manage to increase the memory. Might be better re-installing 98 or persuading your Nan to start saving for a nice new 64bit Athlon machine. :)

  spuds 00:55 08 Jul 2004

To find out what the computer contains, download and install Everest [ex Aida32] click here and/or Belarc click here

After installion,run the programme, and this should give you a comprhensive report on the computer. If you cannot download on your nans machine, you may need to seek a cd copy via a computer magazine cover disk, or download on your computer and make a copy if you have a cdrw.

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