DDR Memory query

  Demora 12:23 17 Jun 2007


I have just read in my motherboard manual the following

'System memory PC3200/2700/210memory
2 x 184pin DDR DIMM Slots.
Supports 128/256/512 Technology up to 2 Gigabytes'

Would this then mean that I couldn't take the pc upto 2 gig by using 2 x 1 GIG memory sticks.



  Technotiger 13:09 17 Jun 2007

Best way to check is to run the scan at click here this will tell you all about your mem and what you can use.

  tobyb121 13:11 17 Jun 2007

I believe this may vary between manufacturers on how they decide to write it in the manual. I would check the crucial memory advisor (click here), as this tells you how much can be put in each slot though only works if you have a standard/non-customized pc. You could also check the motherboards webiste, to see if they have any information. If it is a laptop, it would be hard to tell, but with a new motherboard for a desktop it will most likely be two 2GB slots, but this is not definite. tobyb

  Demora 13:54 17 Jun 2007

Checking the motherboards website is the only option as the pc in question is not up and running. In Bits on the floor


  Technotiger 13:57 17 Jun 2007

Hmm, in any case, I am quite sure you can use 2x1Gb sticks.

  pj123 14:16 17 Jun 2007

You say your MOBO only has two DDR memory slots but will accept a maximum of 2gb of memory.

If each slot only accepts a maximum of 512mb then you are going to need 4 slots to make 2gb.

So I would suggest that you would be able to use
2 x 1gb

  Demora 15:42 17 Jun 2007

Foxcom winfast motherboard model 760gx8mc socket 754 Support Athlon 64 processors is what it says on the leaflet. We tried 2 x 1gb sticks and then tried to instal win xp pro. Keep getting 'stop errors'

My friend had the same kind of problem and went back to his old memory chips. works fine again.

If it involves a BIOS upgrade the problem I have with that is running the upgrade before install of win xp.


  Technotiger 16:22 17 Jun 2007

Try with just 1Gb RAM, then check for BIOS upgrade.

  Demora 16:23 17 Jun 2007

click here.

I checked the Make of my Ram Modules and they are NCP. The only NCP listed in the memory compatabilty list is 512s.

Now the question is 'Do I go and buy 2 x 1 gig Samsung chips' as these seem to be mentioned as compatible with the motherboard or do I stay with 2 x 512 modules.

So confused now

  Technotiger 16:33 17 Jun 2007

I have had a quick Google (didn't hurt a bit - honest) ... can't find any better info though, so probably best to stick to 2x512, 2Gb might be a waste of money.

  Demora 16:37 17 Jun 2007

My thinking on those lines.

All I can think of that its a misprint both on the web and the manual. It is a very cheap motherboard after all.

IF I ever get this thing up and running again I shall wait until Christmas and then go for a better Motherboard/system.

Thanks for all the help and advice.


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